Nick Gordon Cries At Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Grave — WATCH VIDEO

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Nick Gordon Cries Bobbi Kristina Grave

By Michael Lewittes |

Nick Gordon Cries Bobbi Kristina Grave

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Nick Gordon wept openly when he recently visited the grave of Bobbi Kristina Brown for the first time. See video below.

Gordon, who was banned from Brown’s funeral and burial services, visited the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey for the first time last week. In footage obtained by “Entertainment Tonight,” a distraught Gordon is seen clutching red and pink roses, as well as a folder of photos of himself, Brown and the late Whitney Houston, who is buried beside her daughter. Gordon only broke his silence on Brown’s death last week, tweeting, “I look at our pics sometimes it makes me smile sometimes I cry @REALbkBrown #happymemories. I’m so happy/blessed that I had @REALbkBrown in my life. I will always & forever love you.”

The touching moments, however, are overshadowed by the wrongful death lawsuit filed against Gordon by Brown’s conservator. As Gossip Cop has reported, the suit accuses Gordon of giving Brown a toxic cocktail which rendered her unconscious, before allegedly dragging her to the bathroom and leaving her face-down in their tub. Brown was ultimately hospitalized, and succumbed to her injuries months later.

So far no criminal charges have been filed against Gordon, but the case remains open and under investigation in Fulton County, Georgia. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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