Nick Gordon’s Brother Jack Walker: Bobbi Kristina Was Trying To Commit Suicide

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Nick Gordon Brother Bobbi Kristina Suicide

By Shari Weiss |

Nick Gordon Brother Bobbi Kristina Suicide

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Nick Gordon’s brother says Bobbi Kristina Brown was trying to commit suicide when she was found face-down and unconscious in her bathtub in January.

Jack Walker tells Extra,” “I just feel like she… she just was fed up with everything that’s going on in her life.” He claims to the outlet that his brother and Brown had gone to a club a night before the incident, where they allegedly began fighting. “They got in an argument from there and then it carried on to the house and they just went in separate parts of the room, and that’s as far as I know what went on there,” says Walker, adding, “I mean, I knew how depressed Kris was, I knew drug use. I mean, all that mixed together with arguments is never, never good.”

Walker, who explains how Gordon moved in with Brown and her mom Whitney Houston following their parents’ split and move out of Atlanta, alleges the drug issues among them date back to well before the late superstar’s death. “I let them know I wasn’t comfortable with it, I didn’t like being around them like that. I let Nick know, slow down on that. You need to stop doing that,” says Walker, further claiming, “I would be on the phone with Nick and I can hear Whitney asking for the stuff.”

Walker is adamant that Gordon never abused Brown, and says that his time in rehab has been successful so far. “He’s been off of drugs for almost seven weeks. He’s actually surprised that he stayed, to be honest with you,” he says. “He’s like, ‘I’m proud of myself for staying, I didn’t think that I’d be able to do it.’ He’s not the same person he was when he went in.”

And Walker further tells “Extra” that Gordon “would want people to know he cares for Krissi, he loves her just as much as he did before, and he’s clean now. He’s doing a lot better.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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