Nick Cannon Taught How To Kiss On “America’s Got Talent”, Mariah Carey Split Mocked — WATCH VIDEO HERE!

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Nick Cannon Kiss America's Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

Nick Cannon Kiss America's Got Talent Video


Nick Cannon was taught how to kiss on “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday, and he ended up locking lips with a complete stranger. Watch below!

Cannon, of course, filed for divorce from estranged wife Mariah Carey in January, after the couple separated last year. So, when Joanna Kennedy, a self-professed “passion and intimacy expert,” said her audition would consist of a kissing lesson and she needed a volunteer, Howard Stern didn’t hesitate to point out the show’s host. “I know of someone who recently became single. And based on what I hear in his dressing room, I’m going to nominate our very own Nick Cannon,” said the judge.

Cannon tried to resist, saying, “I appreciate you thinking of me, but I don’t need any help in this department.” Stern then shot back, “You probably do, you just don’t know it. You are divorced. Somebody didn’t like the way you were kissing.” Cannon ultimately conceded, “There’s always room for improvement.”

So, who would be Cannon’s kissing partner? Well, Kennedy first brought out a blow-up doll named Rachel. Stern, however, wanted someone a little more, uh, lively, and went into the audience to pick an attendee. He first went to an older woman, and Cannon announced, “I would love to kiss her!” And when Stern moved on to a guy, Cannon yelled out, “It’s 2015! I’m with it!”

Stern eventually selected a hot, young woman, who came on stage, and Cannon dramatically threw off his jacket. He, however, wasn’t allowed to touch her at first, and was instructed to “say hello with yours eyes” and “make her feel really comfortable.” He was then told to put “one hand behind her heart” and caress her cheek.

But as the foreplay took a little longer than desired, Stern, who had previously declared, “I like Bachelor Nick,” hit his X buzzer. The audience started jeering, too. “Are you guys booing our kiss?!” exclaimed Cannon. “What is going on?!”

Then, finally, Cannon was given permission to seal the deal. And he still got X buzzes from the rest of the judges! Cannon was shocked, yelling out, “How can you buzz and boo my kiss?! I thought I did well!” Stern fired back, “You were horrible. She was great, though.”

Howie Mandel was most concerned with whether there would be a second date, and the woman was ballsy enough to ask Cannon if he felt something. He said he did (maybe embarrassment, perhaps?), and the two left the stage together. As for Kennedy, after Stern called her audition one of the “weirdest” he’s even seen on the show (and that’s saying something), all the judges declined to put her through to the next round.

And that was actually the very last audition for “America’s Got Talent” season 10. Next week, the panel and guest judges, including Neil Patrick Harris and more stars, make their second round of cuts. Check out the FULL VIDEO of Cannon’s kiss below!


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