Nicholas Brendon Attempted Suicide Video Shamefully Posted By RadarOnline

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Nicholas Brendon suicide video

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Nicholas Brendon suicide video

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Nicholas Brendon seemingly attempted to commit suicide in September by slashing his left wrist twice while on a street in Saratoga Springs, New York, and now RadarOnline shamefully posted video of it on its site. And while Gossip Cop sadly is not surprised by the webloid’s actions, since it previously published Lamar Odom’s brothel overdose and Bobbi Kristina Brown’s dying moments, we are still 100 percent disgusted with the outlet.

Gossip Cop, of course, will not post the video, which the webloid happily made shareable with an embed code, after first making viewers watch a 15-second revenue-producing commercial.

As Gossip Cop has perilously noted, Brendon has fought alcoholism for years and been in an out of rehab center. He even acknowledged on Facebook, “My illnesses and addictions are a daily struggle for me.” Based on that alone, as well as his various run-ins with the law, there was no need for RadarOnline to exacerbate his already difficult situation by posting video of the actor trying to kill himself.

The webloid claims it published the highly personal and embarrassing footage “in the hope that Brendon will get the help he so desperately needs.” But Gossip Cop is calling them out on that. If the blog were truly so concerned about Brendon, it wouldn’t have published the video at all. Furthermore, it’s hard to believe there’s genuine concern for Brendon by RadarOnline, which just sentences above the video called his existence a “train-wreck life.”

But Gossip Cop is not the only one not buying the webloid’s excuse to exploit Brendon at his lowest. Even RadarOnline’s readers are taking the site to task. A comment user screen name Justmyopinion mocked the webloid, writing, “We just want to show this so it will help someone else. SCUMBAGS!!!” Another commenter remarked, “If you’re so interested in his welfare why place a tacky commercial before playing the video? Making some nice ad revenue from his illness are you?”

The Macmillan dictionary defines the word “ashamed” as “feeling guilty or embarrassed because you have done something wrong, or think that you have not reached a standard that people expect.” Gossip Cop is including the definition here because we’re not convinced that RadarOnline, having posted video of Brendon trying to commit suicide, understands why it should be thoroughly ashamed.


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