Nicholas Brendon Slams Leaked Attempted Suicide Video

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Nicholas Brendon Suicide

By Michael Lewittes |

Nicholas Brendon Suicide

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Nicholas Brendon responded to the video of his attempted suicide being posted online. On Thursday night, the actor slammed the media on Facebook for not respecting his privacy and battle with depression. Read Brendon’s response below.

As Gossip Cop reported, RadarOnline shamefully decided to post the leaked video of Brendon attempting to commit suicide on a street in Saratoga Springs, New York. The webloid claimed it released the video in an effort to “help” Brendon, but Gossip Cop, as well as RadarOnline’s own commenters, felt it was a disgusting attempt to get traffic off of the actor, who the site called a “train wreck.”

But we certainly weren’t the only ones who took RadarOnline to task. Soon after the video was posted, Brendon released a statement on his Facebook page in which he said, “A video was leaked today that I find egregious. As all of you know I am desperately battling depression and it is unfortunate that others capitalize off my struggles.”

Brendon added, “I have ups and downs but I am still a human being. Suicide is a very very serious issue and not something to be highlighted publicly or mocked for that matter.” “I am getting help and if you or anyone that you know is struggling please reach out for help and don’t be ashamed to do so. Depression is real. #‎kickingdepressionintheballsack,” he concluded.

Brendon later tweeted, “Thank you all for the support, love and sharing your stories. It means the world. Love to you all and never stop fighting. #huglife.”


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