#NiallDay: One Direction Fans Declare Niall Horan Holiday On Twitter

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Niall Day

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Niall Day

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It’s Niall Horan Day on Sunday, as One Direction fans continue the “#ProjectHome” campaign for a second day.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Saturday, Directioners launched an initiative online for “Home” to become an unofficial new single. As part of those plans, each day for the next month has a social media theme. And right now, it’s “#NiallDay.” And while Horan himself took notice of the trending topic, he was actually confused as to why he inspired a holiday.

Horan tweeted, “Niall day hahaha. What’s this about? What did I do now?” But nothing more than being himself was enough for fans of the One Direction singer. Supporters posted a slew of reasons why it should be “Niall Day.” A Twitter user named ‏@Adores1D_ felt Horan deserved his own holiday because “Niall’s laugh is the best thing ever.” Another fan with the handle @1DsVocal believed Horan should have his own day because of that time “when Niall spent Christmas Eve visiting sick kids at a hospital.”

Meanwhile, lots of fans gave a number of other reasons, including his smile, hair, glasses, and just being him. The rest of One Direction will get days of their own over the next week. And you can expect to see those trending, too.


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