“#CanYouRespectNiall” — Fans Make Niall Horan Plea After Water Thrown On Electric Guitar (VIDEO)

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Niall Horan Water Electric Guitar Video

By Shari Weiss |

Niall Horan Water Electric Guitar Video

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“#CanYouRespectNiall” became the top trending topic worldwide on Friday after video emerged of Niall Horan in a scary situation during a recent One Direction concert. Watch below.

The footage shows Horan playing an electric guitar as sings during the show. Suddenly, an audience member off-camera throws water at him, clearly getting it on the guitar. Horan immediately stopped playing and took off the guitar, walking off stage.

The video has now led Directioners to point out the idiocy of the supposed fan’s actions, and express support for Horan. “Who THROWS water on stage? Especially at someone HOLDING & PLAYING AN ELECTRIC GUITAR JESUS CHRIST,” tweeted one exasperated fan. Another wrote, “how would you feel if someone broke your most favorite thing in the world and you could also be harmed from it.”

“If you want to get Niall’s attention you yell something funny or sweet while he’s near. That works, throwing water, no,” pointed out a different individual. Horan had even once had a similar situation during a prior concert. “Not on my guitar, I’ll get electrocuted,” he called out at the time. “It’s called an electric guitar for a reason!”

Band mate Harry Styles also experienced a disturbing fan-throwing incident recently. As Gossip Cop reported, he was hit in the face last month after a concertgoer threw a can of Red Bull filled with water. Styles walked off stage clutching his face in pain.

Horan hasn’t made mention of the footage or the trend on social media. Check out the video below.


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