Niall Horan Doesn’t Think He Has “Body” For Nude Selfies, Fans Disagree

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Niall Horan Nude Selfies

By Shari Weiss |

Niall Horan Nude Selfies

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Niall Horan doesn’t think he has the “body” for nude selfies, but hundreds, if not thousands, of fans disagree.

Horan made the remark during a BBC Radio 1 interview on Monday morning, when he was asked if there’s any chance naked photos of him could leak online. The Irish singer responded, “Oh no, that is cringe. I definitely don’t have the body for nude seflies.” The self-deprecation did not go over well with Directioners, who immediately took to Twitter to say otherwise.

In fact, “#NiallYourBodyIsWonderful” has been the top trending topic worldwide for most of the day as fans tweet “proof” that Horan is, well, hot. It’s not clear if the hashtag was intended to be an indirect reference to the John Mayer song “Your Body Is A Wonderland. Regardless, Horan has yet to respond to the flattery.

The interview, of course, was primarily about One Direction’s music, and their recent success with “Drag Me Down.” But Horan also addressed tweets he sent last week asking fans to “lay off the chases” while he was in New York City. “I never want to sound like I’m moaning,” Horan said, but stressed there’s a legitimate safety issue.

He explained, “It’s dangerous. We’ve been chased on the motorway at 70 mph. Surely that’s not safe. That’s why I’ve been saying that… [There’s fans] hanging out of windows and stuff like that, switching lanes… They’re going fast and it’s quite scary.”

That said, Horan is grateful for the fanbase that “prove[s] how good they are day-to-day.” Reflecting on One Direction’s fifth anniversary, the performer shared, “We always talk about it, which is a good thing. We didn’t realize — we thought we’d do a bit in the U.K. and trip around a little bit.”

“Things have changed,” acknowledges Horan. “It’s pretty good. There’s nothing to complain about really.” Except, of course, body insecurities and One Direction fanatics. (We kid!)


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