News Anchor Hospitalized After Motorized Scooter Accident Live On-Air (VIDEO)

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News Anchor Scooter Accident

By Andrew Shuster |

News Anchor Scooter Accident


KTTV FOX 11 news anchor Lisa Breckenridge was admitted to a Los Angles hospital on Tuesday after injuring herself live on-air while attempting to ride a motorized scooter. Watch video of the accident below.

The mishap occurred during a holiday gift segment on “Good Day L.A.” that featured a look at some of the season’s hottest presents. One of the goodies was a mobile scooter that reaches speeds up to 25 mph. “I have to drive it,” Breckenridge said as she sat down on the vehicle and proceeded to take it for a spin around the studio. But the reporter wound up crashing the bike into heavy equipment and appeared to have hit her face in the process. After going down to the ground, Breckenridge can be heard yelling “Oh my face!” as her co-workers came to her aide. She then added, “I think I’m OK. Am I OK?”

Luckily, the anchor wasn’t badly hurt. Following the incident, she posted an Instagram photo of herself sitting in the back of an ambulance alongside a firefighter (see above), and added, “Thanks for all your concerns a lil mishap on live tv – at the hospital now getting checked out.” Watch Breckenridge’s live on-air scooter accident in the video below.


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