New York Daily News Wrong To Tell Tori Spelling “Stop Having Kids” (COMMENTARY)

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New York Daily News Tori Spelling Kids

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New York Daily News Tori Spelling Kids

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The New York Daily News is wrong to tell Tori Spelling to “stop having kids.” No woman should ever be told what to do with her body, nor should her motives for having children be questioned.

But on Wednesday, shortly after it was revealed Spelling is pregnant with her fifth child, the tabloid newspaper demanded in a headline on its website, “Tori Spelling, stop having kids to sell books and TV shows.” The incredibly mean-spirited accompanying story begins, “Dear D-listers, stop pumping out kids to sell books and TV shows. We’re looking at you, Tori Spelling.”

It’s specifically noted that Spelling is expecting with her “cheating husband.” And in response to the actress saying the pregnancy “happened at the best time,” the outlet cynically writes, “Sure did — she was just ordered to pay nearly $40K to American Express for unpaid credit bills. Babies are a blessing. But to Spelling and husband Dean McDermott, they’re a cash cow.”

Apparently unable to give any recent evidence, the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star is called out for having photos of her kids “plastered on the covers of two of Spelling’s books,” and for having child-themed episode titles on “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.” That series last aired in 2012, and the mentioned memoirs came out back in 2009 and 2013. And given that all of that was about family life, obviously it makes sense that her kids would be involved.

What doesn’t make sense is accusing Spelling of only having another baby now to increase her fame. The paper asks, “Could the compulsively-conceiving couple be angling for their next reality show or bestseller with this latest birth announcement?” The notion that a child is being brought into the world simply for a career boost is offensive and ridiculous.

It’s also absurd to connect the timing of the pregnancy to Spelling’s American Express debt. She’s already several months pregnant, and was only just recently ordered to pay her outstanding credit card bill. To make it sound, as the outlet does, like she purposefully got pregnant for the new baby to be her “cash cow” and fix her money woes is illogical. Frankly, it also doesn’t take into account that kids are expensive to raise, usually costing parents money — not adding to it. What it takes to clothe, feed, rear and educate a child for the next 20-plus years is far more than what would be made by a reality TV show or book.

Still, despite acknowledging that having a child is “joyous,” the Daily News goes on to write, “We can’t help but question Spelling (43) and McDermott’s (49) motives in bringing a fifth kid into their messed-up marriage and amid financial troubles.” Spelling is then advised that “it’s time to step away from the cameras and focus on her family.”

But Spelling and McDermott have rebuilt their marriage, and her family last appeared on a reality show in 2014. The extent of the kids’ visibility now is primarily on Spelling’s lifestyle website, “ediTORIAL,” where she shows off arts and crafts and other family-friendly activities. Tellingly, that less-visible project isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Daily News’ story, which instead focuses on career moves Spelling made two-plus years ago and as many as seven.

Spelling has called her new pregnancy “unexpected,” and to judge her for moving forward with it is entirely inappropriate. And if it leads to a new reality show? So be it. At least she’s finding a way to provide for her family in the difficult world that is Hollywood.

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