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Royal baby cover stories are some of the most common in the tabloid press. The idea of a new face in probably the most famous family in the words will always sell. One tabloid is reporting, not for the first time, that Meghan Markle is pregnant with her second child. The world is anxiously hoping for a second Sussex baby, so Gossip Cop is investigating the claim.

Big Baby Bump Proves Pregnancy

The cover of Woman's Day reads “Meghan’s Pregnant!” Markle has been reportedly “laying low” to hide her pregnancy bump. Beside a photograph of a pregnant Markle, the tabloid notes that historically speaking, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “haven’t been shy about making a quick public appearance here and there,” so her absence is conspicuous, as if she’s “in hiding.”

The tabloid says she is strategically doing “video appearances from the shoulders up” to hide her pregnancy. The pregnancy “has come at the perfect time,” as the Sussexes are now settled in their new mansion. The article concludes by saying that Markle “will see no need to give the Queen a heads-up.” Tabloids love putting Markle at odds with the royal family to make her look bad.

She Is Actually Pregnant In The Photo…But It’s An Old Photo

The photograph on the cover does have a Markle sporting her baby bump. It’s from February 2019 when she was in New York City for her baby shower. In what can only be thought of as a deliberately misleading move, the tabloid used an old photo of the Duchess of Sussex and acted as if it was new evidence. It's easy to spot that this is an old photo because no one in the picture is wearing a mask.

COVID-19 Is The Reason For Few Public Outings

The other evidence this tabloid has is noting Markle’s lack of public appearances and her using Zoom from the shoulders up. First of all, how else is she supposed to use Zoom? Full body Zoom calls are not a thing. Plus, the reason she’s doing those Zoom calls in the first place, and the reason she’s not in public to begin with, is the unmentioned pandemic. Markle isn’t pregnant — she’s just rightfully cautious.

The Tabloid’s Terrible Reputation Tanks This Tall Tale

Gossip Cop routinely busts Woman’s Day for its unreliable coverage of the royal family, with many of their worst stories being targeted attacks on Markle. It claimed that Markle had banned her mother from seeing baby Archie and that she was extorting the royal family through a Princess Diana vanity project. The tabloid called the Sussexes “broke and homeless" as well, so we can clearly see how little the tabloid respects the duchess.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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