10 Hottest New Couples Of 2015!

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New Celebrity Couples 2015

By Shari Weiss |

New Celebrity Couples 2015

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While it may have seemed like everyone was breaking up this year, plenty of other celebrity couples got their start in 2015. Some, like Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid, have already fizzled out. Others, such as Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin, are still going strong. Here are Gossip Cop’s picks for the hottest new couples of 2015!

1. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani only began dating in early November, but they’ve caused more buzz than any other new pairing this year. Is it because they’re both coming off divorces with Miranda Lambert and Gavin Rossdale, respectively? Or because they’re also colleagues on “The Voice”? Or perhaps because they seem like total opposites? Whatever the case, the new romance has captured fans’ attentions, even as some still wonder if it’s all a publicity stunt. And they sure got publicity on Sunday, when they attended the Arizona Cardinals game (see photo above).

2. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were first linked in early March, at which point sources denied there was anything going on between them. But over the next month, the two music stars were photographed engaging in PDA. Then in April, they not only sat together at the Billboard Music Awards, but also shared a kiss. In June, Forbes named Swift and Harris the highest-paid couple, and in July, Harris was forced to shoot down rumors that they were moving in together and getting married. Gossip Cop has actually had to debunk similar claims a number of times. And in October, we correctly busted speculation that Swift had “dumped” the deejay. In actuality, they seem to be progressing fine, spending Christmas together with the superstar’s family in Vail, Colorado.

3. Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s romance actually dates back to 2014. But because Jenner was underage, both repeatedly insisted they were nothing more than family friends. In fact, Tyga denied dating Jenner as recently as February 2015. But over this year, the two slowly became more comfortable with showing PDA, leaving little doubt to the true nature of their relationship. And after Jenner turned 18 in August, the two finally began kissing in public… and in Tyga’s music videos. The couple temporarily split in November, but as of Christmas Eve, they were still giving it a go, complete with a new (non-engagement) ring.

4. Khloe Kardashian began dating James Harden in June, and by the end of July, she had finally signed and filed her divorce papers with Lamar Odom. The couple continued to heat up through the summer and were still together when Odom suffered his near-fatal overdose in October. Kardashian has since withdrawn her divorce petition, but has repeatedly stated that she and Harden are still a couple. In fact, she’s credited him with being supportive during this difficult time, and they were seen out together in November. That said, Kardashian has largely kept the relationship out of the public eye, at least in comparison to her past, perhaps out of respect for Odom, who still remains hospitalized.

5. Like Jenner and Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill also tried to downplay their relationship at first. Minaj even insisted in December 2014 that they were “just friends.” But in February 2015, she posted an Instagram photo of Mill kissing her cheek, and from then on, they spent much of the year by each other’s side, even going on tour together. Engagement rumors have surfaced a number of times, largely in part due to engagement-like rings Mill has given her. Minaj has made no secret of her desire to marry, even asking fans on Sunday if they prefer church or beach weddings. Their future, however, is up in the air, as Mill might be heading back to prison in 2016 for a probation violation, despite Minaj testifying on his behalf at a hearing earlier this month.

6. Mariah Carey and James Packer were set up in the spring by the singer’s longtime friend Brett Ratner, who happens to be Packer’s business partner. The billionaire is based in Australia, but was seen traveling the world with Carey over the summer and fall. In July, the music icon dedicated “Hero” to her new beau during one of her residency concerts, and in August, Gossip Cop corrected pregnancy claims. Carey’s estranged husband Nick Cannon, who filed for divorce in December 2014, has given his seal of approval, and remains close to the songstress as they co-parent their twins. They even spent Christmas together in Aspen.

7. Gigi Hadid’s love life was very up and down this year, but she seems to be finishing out 2015 on a high note with Zayn Malik. The model and longtime boyfriend Cody Simpson called it quits in May. In the summer, Hadid began dating friend Joe Jonas. And after they broke up in November, she was seen with Malik. Neither has openly spoken about the blossoming romance, but Malik let a photo do the talking for him just last week when posted an Instagram picture of Hadid snuggling close to him.

8. After splitting from Suki Waterhouse in early 2015, Bradley Cooper moved on with Irina Shayk in April. The Oscar nominee and the Russian model haven’t discussed their relationship, but have made little effort to hide it. They’ve been seen making out everywhere from the streets of New York City to the beaches of Italy. Shayk has even spent time with Cooper’s mom on several occasions, potentially signifying the seriousness of the romance. The brunette bombshell may have some competition, though. During her “Most Fascinating People” interview earlier this month, Barbara Walters deemed Cooper “very screwable.”

9. Rihanna and Travis Scott are yet another couple who have chosen not to officially confirm their romance this year. After being linked to Karim Benzema and Lewis Hamilton, the singer began stepping out with Scott. The two were actually caught on video making out at her own New York Fashion Week party in September, a few days after putting in an appearance at a bash the rapper himself hosted. In November, Rihanna announced Scott would accompany her on the North American leg of her “Anti World Tour,” which is scheduled to begin in February 2016. Most recently, they were partying together at a club just last week when a shooting took place outside the venue. Thankfully, neither star was directly involved.

10. Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber are by no means an exclusive couple in the traditional sense, but we’d be remiss not to include them here. Gossip Cop first learned the reality star and the superstar singer had taken their friendship to the next level in October, but, believing it was a one-time occurrence, we opted not to report the solid information. But earlier this month, Gossip Cop confirmed that Kardashian and Bieber have continued hooking up in the time since their original dalliance. The romance, if it can even be called that, is entirely casual, and sources told us Kardashian, who in July split from Scott Disick, the father of her three children, is “not pleased” that her rendezvous with Bieber is now public knowledge.

Whether Kardashian and Bieber will continue their hookups in the new year remains to be seen, but they’ve certainly made waves in the celebrity world as 2015 winds down. TELL US: Do you have a favorite new couple, and do you think they’ll make it through 2016 together?


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