Neri Oxman NOT To Blame For Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Stalled Divorce, Despite Report

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Neri Oxman Brad Pitt Divorce

By Shari Weiss |

Neri Oxman Brad Pitt Divorce

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Neri Oxman is not to blame for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce being stalled, despite a baseless new claim. Gossip Cop can bust this report. It twists a tabloid story to make it even more wrong than it already was.

“Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Divorce Stalls Again, His Relationship With Neri Oxman To Blame?” asks Celebrity Insider in a headline on Friday. The article begins by noting the estranged spouses had a messy split, before contending, “After the mudslinging stopped and the two started communicating again, it seemed as though Pitt and Jolie were on the verge of finalizing the divorce and moving on.” But this isn’t exactly true.

While People reported in March of 2017 that Pitt and Jolie were talking again, Gossip Cop has busted several false reports about them being on the verge of a deal to finalize their split. In February 2018, we were proven right when The Blast reported how Pitt and Jolie were still negotiating a divorce settlement and had sought a court extension. Now that a few more months have gone by, Celebrity Insider is claiming, “While they have been close to signing the divorce papers, two big issues keep preventing them from coming to an agreement.”

The site alleges “one of the biggest issues is over the custody of the couple’s six kids,” and that the “second thing that is hanging up the divorce is the couple’s massive estate in France.” The blog is basing its contentions off a Life & Style story that was published on Wednesday. As Gossip Cop noted two days ago, the tabloid wrongly alleged Pitt and Jolie’s divorce was held up over a disagreement on whether to sell Chateau Miraval. In actuality, it was reported earlier this year that Pitt and Jolie would keep making wine through their Chateau Miraval estate and intended to keep the property in the family as an investment to their children. A rep for Pitt now confirmed to Gossip Cop that nothing had changed, and the purported dilemma over the locale was untrue.

So, up to this point, the online publication is regurgitating an untrue print story that was already corrected. And how exactly does Oxman figure in? Curiously, even though the outlet’s headline suggests she may be to “blame” for the stalled divorce, her name isn’t actually mentioned once in the article. Instead, the website vaguely asserts, “Pitt has already been linked to different women since the breakup. He hasn’t started an official romance, but it looks like he’s back in the dating game.” That isn’t exactly true, either.

While it has been reported that Pitt is casually dating, he has been wrongly “linked to different women,” including Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson and, yes, Oxman. From the get-go, however, it was established that Pitt’s friendship with the MIT professor was strictly professional. So it makes zero sense whatsoever to theorize a nonexistent romance with the actor is affecting his divorce proceedings with Jolie. And to top it off, the site doesn’t even back up that premise in its story.

But Celebrity Insider goes go on to spew yet more falsehoods, claiming, “Jolie, meanwhile, has been quietly dating a philanthropist based out of the UK.” Gossip Cop debunked those unfounded claims months ago, and People backed us up, confirming as we initially reported, Jolie is not dating anyone at all. So it’s quite clear this piece is riddled with provable mistakes.

This inaccurate narrative also comes after the site insisted in a January post that Pitt and Jolie would be “heading to court next month” to finalize their custody agreement and divorce settlement. As noted above, February came and went without a deal; instead, negotiations continue. The process is still ongoing nearly four months later, and Celebrity Insider still doesn’t have reliable insight into the situation.


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