NeNe Leakes “Broke” Claim Not True

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NeNe Leakes Broke

By Shari Weiss |

NeNe Leakes Broke

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NeNe Leakes is NOT “broke,” Gossip Cop is told, despite a report claiming she’s in dire financial straits. Gossip Cop can exclusively separate the fact from the fiction.

A headline in Star exclaims, “NeNe’s Broke! And It’s Not A Joke.” The accompanying story says, “NeNe Leakes may want to retire her signature catchphrase. The Atlanta housewife, who once crowed that she is “very rich, b**tch!” is trying to laugh off her $820,000 tax lien, but friends say her cavalier attitude with cash is what got her into this mess.”

“She likes to live large,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “She’s obsessed with looking rich and being flashy because she grew up in the poorhouse. But if she’s not careful, that’s exactly where she’ll end up!” The magazine further says, “Despite NeNe’s stints on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ she can’t stop spending more than she earns. For example: The 48-year-old recently shelled out $2 million for a six-bedroom megamansion in Atlanta, for the sake of appearances.”

Of course, buying a new mansion is proof in and of itself that Leakes is not broke. Furthermore, just because a person is slapped with a tax lien doesn’t mean they’re broke, either. There’s a number of ways to end up in that situation.

It’s also odd that the Star “insider” warns Leakes could “end up” in the “poorhouse.” Wouldn’t she already be there if she was broke, as the magazine claims? It seems the outlet just heard about the reality star’s tax issue, and crafted a dramatic story around it.

But Gossip Cop is told by a reliable contact that Leakes is “far from broke.” That said, we’ve also learned the “Real Housewives” star has hired a new business manager to better handle her finances.

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