Neil Patrick Harris Gives Howard Stern “Sh*tting Tips” For Using Public Bathrooms

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Neil Patrick Harris Howard Stern Shitting

By Andrew Shuster |

Neil Patrick Harris Howard Stern Shitting

(The Howard Stern Show)

Neil Patrick Harris gave Howard Stern some “sh*tting tips” on Tuesday to help the radio host with his phobia of going to the bathroom in public. Listen to the hilarious interview below!

Stern revealed that he has a fear of defecating in communal bathrooms, especially in an airplane, because of the “stench” he’ll leave behind. “I have a solution for this,” explained Harris, adding, “because I have a weak stomach and end up going to the bathroom more often than I would like.”

The actor went on to tell the shock jock that he should “flush the toilet as soon as you dump” while traveling on a commercial flight where many other people are bound to use the same restroom. Stern revealed that he’d already tried that method, saying, “It’s called a courtesy flush. We all know that but it doesn’t work!”

Harris then shared a more complex method that he assured did work, saying, “When you’re done, sort of halfway wash your hands.” He clarified, “Meaning put a lot of soap on your hands and a little bit of water… sort of Tai Chi style, kind of waft your hands around. It’s sort of like air freshener because then the room smells like the scent of the soap.”

“You’re out of your mind,” Stern responded to Harris’ bathroom freshening technique, to which the actor responded, “Every time I take a dump in a plane, I think of you Howard.” Listen to the funny audio below of Neil Patrick Harris giving Howard Stern “sh*tting tips,” and tell us what you think.


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