Naya Rivera: “White Girls Get Movies” By Being Drunk At Auditions (PHOTO)

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Naya Rivera White Girls Joke

By Andrew Shuster |

Naya Rivera White Girls Joke

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Naya Rivera posted an Instagram photo on Friday of a private text message between her and a friend in which she insinuates that white actresses get movie roles by showing up drunk to auditions. But some of Rivera’s followers have taken offense to her joke and are deeming it racist.

The former “Glee” actress shared a screenshot of a text she sent her friend that read, “We should’ve just had cocktails instead… That’s how white girls get movies lol.” Rivera is of mixed race, coming from African-American, Puerto Rican, and German descent.

The comment bothered quite a few people, including a user named @meikeahrens, who wrote, “Huh…if this was a ‘joke’ about black people all hell would break loose. But because this is fun about white people its ok… That my friends is racism and not cool.” A woman named @fatladyinatubetop, who’s presumably an actress herself, shot back, “Sorry boo not funny. I work really hard when auditioning and I don’t drink so yeah.”

Meanwhile, a person with the handle @eautopolis expressed, “You should delete this. I’m not one to care about white tears but makin fun of women being sexually harassed by men in power to have a career in acting is misogynist.” And a user named @ruthcass tweeted, “Your post like this keeps racism alive! Have some class, definitely unfollowing. Talking about diversity while making fun of ‘white girls’ really?”

There were, however, many fans and followers of the actress who came to her defense, arguing that her joke wasn’t racist, but had some truth to it. Rivera herself later replied to the negative comments, writing, “Guys calm down. Just a joke about the state of our industry as actors and artists. You have to have a sense of humor about these things.”

Naya Rivera White Girls Text



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