Naughty Boy Tries To Slam Zayn Malik With Transphobic Tweet And Wig Photo

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Naughty Boy Zayn Malik Wig Photo Tweet

By Shari Weiss |

Naughty Boy Zayn Malik Wig Photo Tweet

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Naughty Boy tried to slam Zayn Malik on Saturday with a transphobic tweet that’s since been deleted.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Malik and Naughty Boy initially teamed up in the wake of his departure from One Direction in March. The two planned to work on Malik’s solo career together, and Malik even slammed former band mate Louis Tomlinson when he repeatedly feuded with Naughty Boy on Twitter. But since Malik cut ties with Naughty Boy last month, the former pals have been engaged in their own feud.

Naughty Boy has posted a few messages shading Malik since he signed with RCA Records in late July, but decided to mock his one-time friend’s actual physical appearance early Saturday morning. Malik recently dyed his hair grey, and Naughty Boy took a paparazzi photo of his new look and photoshopped a wig onto it to make Malik look like a woman. The subtext, of course, is not just making fun of the star, but those who actually choose to dress that way, as if there’s something wrong with it.

And that wasn’t all. Naughty Boy further wrote, “Stop making a fool of yo self cuz @zaynmalik lol #getagrip leave it to the music blud NB #wisdom.” Both messages were deleted almost immediately after they were posted, but not before fans could screengrab them. Oddly, Naughty Boy also posted a lyric from One Directon’s “Drag Me Down” with a thumbs up emoji, and that tweet is still up.

“Naughty Boy” has since been trending on Twitter, but mainly due to Directioners calling him out for continuing to try to tie himself to Malik and One Direction. TELL US: What do you think of the latest chapter in the “Zaughty” saga?


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