Naughty Boy Slams Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Obsession: It’s “Something The World Never Needed”

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Naughty Boy Kim Kardashian

By Minyvonne Burke |

Naughty Boy Kim Kardashian

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Naughty Boy slammed Kim Kardashian on Twitter, making fun of the reality star’s selfie obsession. Late Thursday night, the music producer tweeted, “Kim k + selfies = something this world never needed, but it shows what we need most. Less makeup.”

Immediately, fans lashed out at Naughty Boy for his comments. “She doesn’t wear makeup for you. She likes it so she wears it, BECAUSE ITS HER F*CKING FACE AND NOT YOURS,” one fan wrote. Another fan posted, “@NaughtyBoyMusic or maybe she likes to wear makeup for herself. Stop being judgmental, you d*ck.” A third fan commented, “Naughty + twitter = something this world never needed, but shows what we need most. Less douchebags.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian is currently promoting her new selfie book, Selfish, which includes over 300 personal photos of the reality star. Kardashian admitted during a recent interview that some people may find her selfie obsession a bit “ridiculous,” but she explained that she loves “taking pictures and posting them on social media for memories.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Naughty Boy has been attacked because of his tweets. As Gossip Cop reported, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson slammed the producer back in March after he tweeted celebrating a collaboration with Zayn Malik. The tweet came shortly after Malik quit One Direction, and the post didn’t sit well with Tomlinson. “Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you’re so inconsiderate pal, seriously how f*cking old are you? Grow up,” wrote Tomlinson. What do you think about Naughty Boy’s comments about Kardashian?


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