National Enquirer’s “Who Will Die First” Story Is Dead Wrong – COMMENTARY

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National Enquirer Who Will Die First

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National Enquirer Who Will Die First

(National Enquirer)

“Who Will Die First,” reads the headline of yet another classy piece by the National Enquirer. Naturally, the macabre magazine doesn’t answer its disgusting question. It simply does a round-up of some of the stars it predicts will pass away “sooner than later,” and that’s dead wrong on so many levels.

Blaring underneath its vile headline are the words “drugs, disease and destructive behavior.” And while the supermarket tabloid can gloat in its ability to be alliterative, it should hide its head in shame for being insensitive. The celebrities who have been sentenced to an early death by the publication are Selena Gomez, Kanye West, Johnny Depp, Mischa Barton, Kesha, Macaulay Culkin, Amanda Bynes, Lisa Marie Presley, Scott Disick, and Chris Brown.

It’s true some have struggled with alcohol and drug addiction or other diseases and disorders, but rather than having empathy, the magazine seemingly takes glee is predicting their deaths. Disease is disease. So, will the Enquirer follow up this tasteless piece with another article titled, “Who Will Die Of Breast Cancer, A Heart Attack Or ALS?”

Of course, for every John Edwards affair scoop (which the tabloid trots out whenever scrutinized), the outlet publishes dozens of more untrue articles, including false reports about certain celebrities knocking on death’s door. A little more than three weeks ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for wrongly asserting Sharon Osbourne had weeks to live. The claim was a complete lie, and Osbourne even mocked the report on “The Talk,” along with her other co-hosts. And for years, the often discredited magazine has warned that Angelina Jolie is dying. Curiously the repeatedly disproven publication doesn’t mention either of those two stars in its latest three-page spread.

Predicting when people are going to die is gross. Pitting people’s untimely demises against each other is even more gross. If heaven forbid one of these celebrities passes away prematurely, is the Enquirer’s endgame that it will have bragging rights?

The magazine’s “Who Will Dies First?” story isn’t journalism. It isn’t even accurate. And, more importantly, it’s just dead wrong.

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