After years of falsely claiming Angelina Jolie is dying, the National Enquirer is now flip-flopping. It is doing so, however, with more fake news. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

The supermarket tabloid has published a number of cover stories over the years wrongly declaring Jolie was near death. Most of these tall tales have been connected to the actress' weight, and Gossip Cop has correctly debunked each and every sensational article. Most recently, in January, we called out the gossip magazine for an issue that falsely declared, "76 LBS. Dying Angie's Hunger Strike!" The accompanying article alleged Jolie was in a "feeding tube horror" and "dancing with death."

Gossip Cop, of course, confirmed the story was far from true, and Jolie's public appearances over the last few months have proven we were correct. Now nearly four months after that egregious cover story, the unscrupulous publication is trying to get out from under its mountain of lies. In this week's new edition is a headline that blares, "Sci-Fi Sheep Surgery Saves Walking Corpse Angie's Life!"

The piece begins, "Angelina Jolie has miraculously bounced back from the brink of death." No. The Oscar winner was never on the brink of death. But because the shameless outlet spent years claiming she was, it now came up with a "miraculous" explanation for why she has not, in fact, died. The ridiculous story asserts Jolie's purported comeback is due to "multiple visits to a mysterious clinic in Sweden," where she supposedly had a procedure done involving sheep placenta.

The magazine contends that's the reason why Jolie was looking "radiant" while in Cambodia in February. But appearances can be deceiving. The actress looked fine all along. But each time the tabloid ran one of these "dying" stories, it picked the worst possible pictures of Jolie and seemingly even doctored them to give readers the impression that she really was fighting for her life. But now that the outlet is flip-flopping and acknowledging Jolie looks well, it's giving a made-up explanation for why that's the case.

In essence, the National Enquirer published an insane amount of fake news about Jolie dying, only to now run even more fake news as an excuse for why she's not dead. It's very transparent, not to mention disgusting. And, sadly, Gossip Cop won't be surprised when the publication inevitably flip-flops back in the other direction, and returns to its extreme "dying" claims. When it does, we'll continue to hold the tabloid accountable for its lies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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