Natalie Dormer: “I Want To Set Record Straight” About Misinterpreted Comments

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Natalie Dormer Statement

By Minyvonne Burke |

Natalie Dormer Statement

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Natalie Dormer has penned an exclusive response for Gossip Cop, slamming reports that imply she condones sex with underage children because her “Game of Thrones” character Margaery seduced and married 12-year-old King Tommen. In the past, Dormer has stated how uncomfortable she felt with the scene opposite 17-year-old actor Dean Charles Chapman, who plays Tommen. However, a few of her quotations have been grossly misinterpreted and misrepresented. The following remarks are directly from Dormer.

“I have been troubled and deeply saddened that answers I gave in a few recent interviews have been so twisted on the Internet, or so taken out of context, as to completely misrepresent my thoughts on certain subjects,” writes Dormer in an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop. She explains, “I want to set the record straight: It is completely false and profoundly [irresponsible] of anyone to imply that I condone, in any shape or form, sex with a minor. That is child abuse. A serious criminal act, that is completely abhorrent to me.”

Dormer continues, “There are details from [George R.R. Martin’s] books that have not clearly translated to those on screen, and in this instance I consider the wedding night scene with Tommen to be between Margaery and a naive 17-year-old. If my writers on the show feel different that’s their business but I wouldn’t have played the scene if I believed different.”

The 33-year-old actress goes on to note that she actively campaigns against underage marriage, and has partnered with children’s organizations such as Plan UK, Barnardo’s and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

“I play a fictional character in the fictional, medieval world of Westeros. Most of the characters are aged up from the original characters created in the books by George RR Martin and played by older actors,” points out Dormer, adding, “Some fans may feel that I am too mature in years to be playing Margaery but whether I agree or not is irrelevant, because the point is as professional actors we must perform the text we are contracted to.”

Dormer further writes, “The avid conversation regarding my older years over Dean Charles leads us to a glaring double standard in TV and film. 32-17 is a difference of 15 years. Yet there is no general uproar when in prominent projects, the age difference is demonstrated equally or in even greater measure, only reversed in gender roles. It has certainly made me think about these social attitudes myself.”

The actress also responds to backlash she’s been receiving for a comment she made to an outlet in reference to Maggie Gyllenhaal’s complaint about sexism and ageism in Hollywood. Though widely picked up, Dormer did not intend to brush off Gyllenhaal’s concerns by saying people can overcome ageism by “working hard.”

Dormer, in her exclusive comments to Gossip Cop, says she was “once again misrepresented.” “To be clear: I absolutely did not make the naive, reductive statement that ‘hard work’ is enough to overcome ageism and sexism in the industry. That would be an absurd thing to say. I would never be so flippant or ignorant on such matters,” stresses the “Game of Thrones” star. Dormer ends her remarks: “We should use storytelling to draw attention to the real injustices and social abuses of the world. Most actors really care about those real world abuses. You’ll tend to find it’s one of the reasons they became actors.”


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