Naomi Watts: “We’re In The Kardashian Era and It’s Slightly Scary”

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Naomi Watts Kardashians

By Minyvonne Burke |

Naomi Watts Kardashians

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Naomi Watts is slamming Kim Kardashian and her family for being famous for no particular reason. Singling out the reality stars, Watts says, “There’s so much focus on celebrity these days; we’re in the Kardashian era and it’s slightly scary,” expresses Watts in an interview with Australian InStyle.

She continues in an interview with Australian InStyle, “When you hear that there are ways to use [your celebrity status] purposefully, it makes you feel good about what you do. When it’s related to matters that you’re passionate about, it’s easy to get involved when the invitation comes.” Presumably, Watts doesn’t think the Kardashians are using their celebrity “purposefully.”

Others, however, disagree since the Kardashian-Jenner clan has recently been using its massive fame to shed light on the transgender community ever since Bruce Jenner revealed he’s transitioning from male to female. Earlier this month, for example, Katy Perry defended the Kardashians, noting how supportive they’ve been of Jenner and his transition. “I was thinking the other day, we’ve all had our own commentary on the ‘Kardashians,’ but if the Kardashians hadn’t existed, there wouldn’t have been the fantastic Bruce Jenner, who is just evolving everyone right now with all of his wonderfulness,” said Perry, adding, “So the Kardashians, in my book, are completely valid.”

What do you think about Naomi Watts’ comments about the Kardashians and the role of celebrity?


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