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Is the freshly-single, Adele, feuding with Naomi Campbell over Skepta? Gossip Cop investigates the rumor. Here’s what we know.

Screenshot of Adele hosting SNL.

Adele Vs. Naomi Campbell

According to Heat, Skepta is the center of the two internationally-famous beauties' feud. An insider tells the tabloid, Adele and Naomi Campbell are both interested in the rapper and are fighting for his affection. “Adele is having a blast with Skepta, but she’s got serious competition from Naomi. Adele insists it’s just fun but it’s common knowledge that both she and Naomi are crazy about Skepta and they’re both hoping for something serious,” the insider spills.

The magazine notes Adele divorced her husband, Simon Konecki, last year, and the singer was spotted out with the rapper recently. Adele and Skepta were also seen going to a virtual reality bar, where they appeared to be having a lot of fun. In regards to Campbell, the supermodel was romantically linked to Skepta, whose real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga, in 2019. However, the tabloid’s source right now, Adele has “the edge” and Campbell is “bidding her time.”

Is Naomi Bidding Her Time While Adele Has Fun With Skepta?

The publication mentions Adele and Skepta were “flirting on social media” with its source adding, “They talked 'non-stop' during the current lockdown and Adele’s thrilled to be hanging out with him again now that she’s back in London.” The insider further revealed that the singer may have to “watch her back” because Campbell is “known for getting what she wants.” “From what Naomi can tell, this situation with Adele isn’t serious at all, and even if it was, it wouldn’t hold a candle to the connection she has with Skepta,” the tipster concludes.

Gossip Cop would like to note that this isn’t high school and the idea two grown women are fighting over a man is a bit preposterous. It is true that Naomi Campbell briefly dated Skepta, but the model has since moved on and reportedly has nothing but love for her former flame. In regards to Adele, the “Rolling In the Deep” singer has been seen out with the rapper, but she just clarified on her Instagram that she’s a single woman.

Adele's New Life As A Single Woman

The singer could just be having fun with Skepta since she is no longer married. Should anything serious happen between the two, time will certainly tell. But this hasn’t stopped the tabloids from guessing who the next men will be in the singer’s life. Gossip Cop has corrected several rumors revolving around the singer’s personal life.

For example, New Idea recently purported Brad Pitt was eyeing Adele. Given the tabloid's unreliability in the past on Pitt’s dating life, Gossip Cop didn’t take this report seriously. After investigating it, we found it to be highly inaccurate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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