Nancy O’Dell NOT Joining Hillary Clinton On Campaign Trail, Despite Report

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Nancy Odell Hillary Clinton Campaign

By Michael Lewittes |

Nancy Odell Hillary Clinton Campaign

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Nancy O’Dell is not joining Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, despite a 100 percent fabricated story by a site that has been repeatedly exposed for making up claims. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this manufactured assertion. We’re told the report is “blatantly false.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, on Friday a video leaked of Donald Trump telling former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush in 2005 how he persistently tried to have sex with the show’s other anchor O’Dell. Trump was also caught bragging to Bush that as a celebrity “you can do anything” with women, including how he could “grab them by the p*ssy.”

Now, according to the often discredited HollywoodLife, “After learning about Donald Trump’s sexist and offensive comments, Nancy O’Dell is pumped to join Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail.” One of the webloid’s fictitious sources is quoted as saying, “Nancy is fired up… She usually would not like to show her political leanings, especially being on ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ but this is very much a whole different case entirely.” The site further alleges that O’Dell “wants to use her newfound publicity and turn it into something that will make a difference.”

HollywoodLies, as it has become known, has its seemingly concocted source claim, “With a month away from the election, [O’Dell] wants to use this sick and unfortunate incident for good.” Its same supposed “insider” adds the “Tonight Show” host wants to “appear with Hillary Clinton on a campaign stop to give her support and tell America she is a strong woman and will not allow Donald to treat her or anyone this way.”

While O’Dell issued a statement about Trump’s remarks on Saturday in which she said, “Politics aside, I’m saddened that these comments still exist in our society at all,” and that it was “disappointing to hear such objectification of women,” she is not going to join Clinton on the campaign. Gossip Cop founder Michael Lewittes used to be one of O’Dell’s producers at “Access Hollywood,” and a mutual friend of ours and the respected “Entertainment Tonight” host exclusively tells us HollywoodLife’s latest made-up article is “blatantly false.” We’re further assured O’Dell is “not going on the trail [with Clinton] and not doing any interviews” on this subject matter.

Nancy Odell Hillary Clinton Campaign


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Nancy O’Dell is joining Hillary Clinton on campaign trail.

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