VIDEO: Woman Spends $200K To Become Pamela Anderson On My Strange Addiction

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My Strange Addictions Pamela Anderson

By Daniel Gates |

My Strange Addictions Pamela Anderson


Carolyn is 29 years old and British. She has one ambition: To become Pamela Anderson. On “My Strange Addiction,” she takes viewers into her world. Watch the video below.

Carolyn explains that she fell in love with Anderson’s “Baywatch” look as a child and decided she wanted to emulate the bombshell’s appearance. “I want to go to Hollywood and become a sex symbol for millions,” she tells the show. “Just following in Pamela’s footsteps.”

To prepare for her shot at glory, Carolyn has gone through a regimen of hair extensions, Botox, lip injections, beauty spot tattoos, lip liner tattoos, teeth whitening, teeth straightening, chemical skin peels, and a boob job. She’s planning a second boob job to further her “Pam-ification.” At this point, Carolyn has spent $40,000 on procedures, but promises she’s going to spend a lot more.

Oh, and the show reveals that she’s also spent $160,000 on a Pam-ified wardrobe. That’s… remarkable. Carolyn’s dad is definitely on board, too. “I think my daughter’s pretty hot,” he tells the cameras. Carolyn is confident she’ll take the U.S. by storm, and tells her father, “I think Hollywood will warm to me, because I’m very Americanized anyway.” It should be noted that her words are subtitled because of a thick Liverpool accent.

Once Carolyn gets to Los Angeles, we see the drama ramp up. She gets to meet with Anderson’s “Baywatch” co-star Alexandra Paul. She runs on the same beach (in the same iconic bathing suit) where Anderson once ran. She hits Hollywood Boulevard to interact with fans. She meets with a casting agent to find possible work. How does it all go? Watch the video below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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