MTV Apologizes For Racist Tweet About Eva Longoria And America Ferrera

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MTV Apologizes Longoria Ferrera Racist Tweet

By Shari Weiss |

MTV Apologizes Longoria Ferrera Racist Tweet

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MTV Australia is apologizing for a racist tweet about Eva Longoria and America Ferrera that was sent during Sunday’s 2016 Golden Globes. See video below.

Longoria and Ferrera presented together, and did a pointed bit about how they are confused for other actresses simply because they are Latina. The exchange was partly inspired by the Golden Globes’ own flub, when the award show’s official Twitter account called Ferrera “Gina Rodriguez” when she announced the nominations back in November. But while she and Longoria were now making a sharp commentary on race, MTV Australia decided to make a stereotypical joke.

In a since-deleted tweet, the network wrote, “Where are the English subtitles? We have no idea what @AmericaFerrera and @EvaLongoria are saying #GoldenGlobes.” The backlash was swift, with many pointing out that MTV’s attempt to be funny was actually just contributing to the problem. Not surprisingly, an apology was then offered.

“Our Tweet was in reference to @EvaLongoria & @AmericaFerrera’s #GoldenGlobes joke. We sincerely apologise for causing offence,” tweeted @MTVAUSTRALIA. “We get it was a bad call. We’ll leave the humour to @rickygervais.”

Indeed, Gervais had made his own racial joke moments before this, though his quip was targeting Donald Trump. As Gossip Cop reported, the host introduced Longoria and Ferrera by saying they were “two people who your future president Donald Trump can’t wait to deport.” See video of Longoria and Ferrera at the Golden Globes below.


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