Moushumi “The Voice” Knockout Video: Watch “New Americana” Performance!

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Moushumi Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Moushumi Voice Knockout Video


Moushumi won her “Knockout” on “The Voice” on Tuesday with a strong performance of Halsey’s “New Americana.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Moushumi blew away the panel during her Blind Audition, turning around three chairs. The only reason why it wasn’t all four was because Blake Shelton’s team was already full. But the country superstar was just as in awe of the Indian singer as the rest of the panel.

Moushumi ultimately chose to join Team Pharrell, and later emerged victorious during the “Battle” round. But for that, the contestant was relegated to one of the mid-episode highlight reels. Now for the “Knockouts,” in which she would have to face team mate Nick Hagelin, Moushumi was back in the spotlight.

During a mentoring session with key adviser Miley Cyrus, Moushumi was encouraged to “unleash” and show “power.” And the aspiring star certainly tried to do that on stage. Hagelin, meanwhile, showed his soulful falsetto with Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You.”

Afterward, Adam Levine called Moushumi an “amazing, amazing singer” with a “beautiful voice” he wanted to hear more of. Christina Aguilera went on to tell her, “You definitely have a crystal clear sound that resonates… It was nice to a different dimension in your voice.” Blake Shelton, however, gave the edge to Hagelin for seeming like a born-ready performer.

Pharrell agreed that Moushumi still had more to show, and named her the winner. Noting her unique sound and that there’s no one “like her” on the charts, the coach said he intended to “bring out the best” in her. Check out the videos below!


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