Moriah Formica “The Voice” Audition Video – Watch “Crazy On You” Performance

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Moriah Formica The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Moriah Formica The Voice Audition Video


Moriah Formica won over all four coaches with her Blind Audition on Monday’s “The Voice.” Watch the video below!

Formica chose Heart’s “Crazy On You” for her performance, and played guitar as she sang. Miley Cyrus was the first to push her button about 40 seconds in, leading the big crowd of people who came to support the young singer to erupt in cheers from the side of the stage. At one point Jennifer Hudson exclaimed “I feel that!” but it was Blake Shelton who turned around next. Adam Levine followed immediately after, and then Hudson made it a sweep. The energetic try-out culminated in a standing ovation from most of the panelists. Cyrus observed, “The competition is getting real.”

Levine’s jaw dropped when 16-year-old Formica revealed her age, calling her a “pint-sized powerhouse.” He amusingly added, “Heart’s getting old. There’s going to be an opening soon. You can be in that band.” Hudson told the teen, “What I love about what you just did up here is that you proved that it doesn’t matter how old you are. It’s very clear that you put all your time and your passion into your craft.” The “American Idol” alum further said she wanted to help Formica become the “best you that you can be.”

Shelton said Formica has “so much talent,” “it’s not fair almost to the rest of the world.” He also noted that one of his favorite parts of the NBC competition is “getting to work with young people, ’cause you’re the most likely to come out of this show and be a star.” And as a former child star herself, Cyrus pointed out, “I think I’d be able to give you big sister advice. You’re getting to experience this at such a young age, and that’s something I was gifted with.” Levine, however, wasn’t sure “if the age thing really matters.”

Regardless, he predicted, “I think this girl is the next great female rock and roll singer.” But after another pitch from Cyrus, Formmica decided to officially join Team Miley. Check out the video below!

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