Morgan Freeman’s Dramatic Reading Of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” (VIDEO)

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Morgan Freeman Justin Bieber Love Yourself

By Jesse Spero |

Morgan Freeman Justin Bieber Love Yourself

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Morgan Freeman performs a Justin Bieber song in a way like you’ve never heard it. The actor recorded a dramatic and humorous reading of the singer’s hit “Love Yourself.” Watch the video below!

Freeman, who is also currently a voice option on the Waze app, took on the Bieber song for a Vanity Fair video. “My name is Morgan Freeman. I’m going to do a dramatic reading from a very popular songwriter,” the actor says in the beginning of the video, with just a hint of an eye roll.

The actor’s spin gives the song an entirely new vibe. This is most evident during the lyrics, “My mama didn’t like you and she likes everyone. And I never like to admit that I was wrong… ‘Cause if you like the way you look that much… Oh baby, you should go and love yourself.” The video is filled with shots of Freeman mugging for the camera and reacting to Bieber’s lyrics.

This is second time celebrities have given a Bieber song a dramatic and lighthearted reading. Last month, Jon Hamm, Nick Jonas, John Legend, John Krasinski, Don Cheadle and Chelsea Handler put their spin on Bieber’s hit, “Sorry,” for the magazine. Check out both videos below!


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