Morgan Freeman Said Hillary Clinton “Belongs In Prison”?

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Morgan Freeman Hillary Clinton Prison

By Andrew Shuster |

Morgan Freeman Hillary Clinton Prison

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A new report claiming Morgan Freeman told a group of journalists that Hillary Clinton “belongs in prison” is entirely made-up. The actor simply never made such comments about the former presidential candidate. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to Neon Nettle, a site that often peddles fiction and wild conspiracy theories, the actor recently called on President Donald Trump to lock up his former rival because “it’s the only way to end corruption amongst the American elites and restore the public’s faith in real justice.” Freeman’s alleged diatribe is said to have been made during a press event in New York for his new National Geographic documentary series, but the site fails to provide any additional details about when or where this took place.

The site quotes Freeman as having said, “Hillary belongs in prison for the crimes she has committed. She has abused her position for too long to make millions for herself and her cronies.” The actor allegedly added that Trump should send a message to the American people that “no one is above the law… and he needs to do that by sending her to jail for her unlawful deeds.” The outlet goes on to contend that at one point, Freeman waved his hands in the air and shouted, “Goddamnit man! The woman’s committed high treason! Lock her up!” The untrustworthy site adds, “A reporter pointed out to Mr. Freeman that high treason carries the death penalty in the US, to which he replied, ‘so be it.'”

Of course, if Freeman had actually demanded in a public forum that Clinton be “locked up” and possibly even put to death, it would have been worldwide news. Instead, Neon Nettle is the only outlet reporting that the actor made such remarks. He did not. All of the quotes attributed to Freeman in the article were completely fabricated. In fact, the actor supported the former first lady during her 2016 presidential run, even narrating an ad for Clinton’s campaign.

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