Morgan Freeman did not say "real Americans" want a Hillary Clinton indictment for Christmas. This is nothing more than fake news from a website with a history of manufacturing made-up articles, complete with fabricated quotations. Gossip Cop can once again expose the outlet for its lies.

According to YourNewsWire, Freeman recently said, "Americans want nothing more for Christmas than seeing Hillary Clinton indicted for her crimes." The often untrustworthy outlet alleges the Hollywood star told reporters, "Americans who believe in democracy and the rule of law, regardless of their political stripes, want to see the law of the land applied to Hillary Clinton." "They want to see justice done, and they want to see it now," the site maintains Freeman continued.

The repeatedly discredited blog further asserts that while "speaking in New York about his new film Just Getting Started on Friday," Freeman supposedly said, "Clinton is the Al Capone of our era," and "You have to chop the head off the snake. You have to set an example and strike fear into the networks of criminality. You have to re-set the law of the land."

"This is what the people are crying out for and it just happens to be exactly what this country needs right now," YourNewsWire claims Freeman went on to rant about Clinton. The site even contends the legendary actor added, "It's time to listen to real Americans, the ones who care about democracy and the constitution. This isn't a partisan political thing. This is about morals and decency."

Allow Gossip Cop to put an end to this nonsense right here. It's all lies and every single quotation attributed to Freeman was 100 percent fabricated. Of course, the first tip-off should had been the website's angle, since Freeman famously voiced an ad for Clinton (below), in which he praised her during the 2016 presidential election for being "respected around the world."

Additionally, it's impossible the habitually disproven blog, known for creating fake news, managed to be the only outlet that got those quotations from the Hollywood star. Lastly, Freeman didn't even promote Just Getting Started in New York this past Friday, as contended, or the Friday before that or any Friday. He did, however, premiere the film on December 7 a mere 2,449 miles away in Los Angeles.

YourNewsWire simply makes up untrue stories about Clinton and attributes fictitious quotations slamming the former Secretary of State to different celebrities. Just 10 days ago, Gossip Cop nailed the same site for an equally concocted report in which Mike Tyson allegedly called Clinton "America's most prolific serial killer." That was entirely fabricated, and so is this latest article about Freeman in which he allegedly said Americans want a Clinton indictment for Christmas.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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