Twelve months ago, one tabloid reported that George and Amal Clooney were expecting a second set of twins. For whatever reason, twins are a very popular tabloid narrative. Gossip Cop investigated the story at the time, but pregnancy stories are often best looked at again with time. Let’s take a look back.

Double Baby Joy After ‘Rough Patch’

In its cover story, Star reported that the Clooney’s were expecting twin girls after undergoing IVF. Amal was already four months along and the Clooney’s were planning on telling their children around Christmas. A source explained how they would tell the children: “They'll explain it in language little ones can understand, saying, 'Mommy has two babies growing in her tummy.’” The tipster said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had already been informed.

Gossip Cop busted this story at the time because of how frequent this narrative is. This very tabloid published the same claim the previous July, but that story went completely unmentioned. The Clooneys have both explained that they won’t have any more kids, and a spokesperson for George confirmed that this story was just more fiction. It's a common trope for the tabloid, as Star reported in May that Gwen Stefani was expecting twins, but those twins never materialized.

Did She Have The Twins?

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Amal was not pregnant. She’d be 16 months pregnant by now, which is impossible, and no more Clooneys have entered the world in 2020. Clooney recently celebrated the release of his first film in four years, Midnight Sky. In his press tour for that film, George has repeatedly gushed about Amal and how she’s changed his life, so we know the couple is still very happy together.

Not The Final Clooney Story

This was not the last time that Gossip Cop had to bust Star for bogus coverage of the Clooney family. In April, it claimed that COVID-19 had “put the romance back in their relationship,” which implies it was in need of repair in the first place. That very week, another disreputable magazine said the two were at each other's throats, so it looked like the tabloids were collectively hedging their bets.

Earlier this month we busted a preposterous story about the Clooneys feuding with their good friends Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. The two couples are famously close, so it was unbelievable to read about Amal and Crawford not getting along.

Two things are obvious at this point: Tabloids love printing stories about twins even though they’re seldom true, and Star has no legitimate insight into George or Amal Clooney’s lives.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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