Is Montia Sabbag Pregnant With Kevin Hart’s Baby?

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Montia Sabbag may be pregnant with Kevin Hart’s baby, alleges a site with a less than stellar track record. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this inaccurate speculation. We’re told the story is “made-up.”

According to MediaTakeOut, Sabbag is “suggesting that she’s pregnant with Kevin’s baby.” And how did the site come to this conclusion? The webloid quotes an interview Sabbag gave with the Daily Mail in which she was asked if he wore protection during their encounters in Las Vegas, and she responded, “I am not going to answer that question.”

A few things bear noting: Sabbag’s refusal to answer the question should not be interpreted, even by an outlet like MediaFakeOut, that she’s pregnant. But more significantly, why is this woman giving interviews to a newspaper? And why does she so freely blab, “I was intimate with Kevin three times in the course of maybe three days,” but is coy about whether they used protection. It’s really a yes or no question. And it’s not like Sabbag has been sparing Hart’s wife Eniko Parrish’s feelings.

Regardless, Gossip Cop spent some time fact-checking and any claims about Sabbag being pregnant with Hart’s baby are untrue. A mutual pal of ours and Hart assures us the assertion is “made-up.” We have also reached out to reps for both the comedic actor and Sabbag.

Even since Hart publicly apologized for cheating on his pregnant wife, Gossip Cop has had to investigate a slew of untrue reports about the comedic actor. Yes, he was unfaithful to Eniko Parrish, but she’s not making Hart check in with her every hour, as falsely maintained by another outlet. Additionally, Gossip Cop also recently busted HollywoodLife for a fake news story about why Parrish “can’t leave” Hart. The situation is bad enough and certainly doesn’t need to be complicated more by inaccurate articles.

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