“Modern Family” Cast NOT Feuding, Despite Report

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Modern Family cast feud

By Holly Nicol |

Modern Family cast feud

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The “Modern Family” is NOT feuding, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim. We’re told it’s not true.

According to OK!, the cast members of “Modern Family” are “bickering nonstop,” and now the show could well be on “the chopping block.” A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “It’s a war of egos on set, with people demanding masseuses, special meals [and] bigger dressing rooms.” The magazine’s supposed insider claims, “Julie [Bowen] was at Sofia [Vergara]’s wedding last year, but with contracts up for negotiation again, Julie has gotten very icy; it bugs her that Sofia makes so much money.”

The publication’s clearly ill-informed source further alleges, “[Eric Stonestreet] is always in a bad mood these days,” and is “short tempered with the cast and even worse with the crew.” The dubious insider also contends that Ariel Winter, who “used to be the sweetest girl,” constantly brags “about being in talks for her own spin-off.” “It’s sad to see so much friction,” concludes the outlet’s tipster.

But Gossip Cop investigated, and we’re assured by network sources that the feuding claim is not true. The “Modern Family” cast is not fighting amongst themselves, nor is the show in danger of being axed. This is just another fabricated story by the repeatedly discredited tabloid.

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The cast of “Modern Family” are feuding.


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