Mitchell Lee, Dennis Drummond “The Voice” Battle Video – Watch “Mr. Jones” Performance

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Mitchell Lee Dennis Drummond Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Mitchell Lee Dennis Drummond Voice Battle Video


Mitchell Lee and Dennis Drummond’s Battle on Tuesday’s “The Voice” led to the only steal of the episode. Check out the video below!

Lee and Drummond are both on Blake Shelton’s team. For the Battles, he has to narrow down his group of contestants from 12 to just six. And to help him figure out how to essentially chop the team in half, he first had to put the dozen aspiring stars into pairs. Then each duo had to perform a duet, after which the country superstar would pick one artist to stay on his team.

In this case, Shelton said he put Lee and Drummond, both Nashville residents, together because they’re “more rock” and “not necessarily country.” He assigned them “Mr. Jones” by the Counting Crows, believing it would fit both of their “styles.” In rehearsal with the guys from Rascal Flatts serving as guest advisors, the two contestants were advised to harmonize. Lee was encouraged to work on his diction, while Drummond needed to make himself into more of a lead singer instead of just a background player.

Both player the guitar for their big performance, and Jennifer Hudson told them afterward, “You guys are so captivating and amazing to watch… You guys sound so good. I want to come to your concert, whether it’s together or apart.” She added, “I feel like both of you are stars.” Still, she gave Lee the edge. Miley Cyrus did, too, saying, “This is ‘The Voice.’ I think that’s really what you showed us.” And Adam Levine called Drummond a “wild card” and “super unique,” while Lee is more in Shelton’s “wheelhouse.”

“It’s heartbreaking that I’ve gotta let someone go. This is the closest Battle I have this season,” the coach admitted. Ultimately, he had to name a winner and Shelton announced it was Lee. And that normally would’ve been it for Drummond. But he was saved from elimination by Levine, who pushed hit button for the steal. That made it a victory for both artists. Watch the video below!

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