Miss Universe Winner: Why I Won’t Share Crown With Miss Colombia

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Miss Universe Good Morning America

By Andrew Shuster |

Miss Universe Good Morning America


Miss Universe winner Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, of the Philippines, appeared on Monday’s “Good Morning America” and explained why she won’t share the crown with Miss Colombia, who pageant host Steve Harvey accidentally first announced as the winner. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez-Arévalo, who was the first runner-up at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, was mistakenly crowned the winner when Harvey read the wrong name. He later came back on stage to apologize and reveal that the actual winner was Wurtzbach.

In an interview on “GMA,” Wurtzbach was asked about some people suggesting she share the crown with Miss Colombia. The new Miss Universe said, “I understand how they feel because, of course, that’s completely understandable.” But, she noted, “It would be a little bit difficult for two girls to share a crown.” Wurtzbach went on to say she believes Miss Colombia will “have a lot of other opportunities,” despite the mix-up, adding, “She’ll do very well I’m sure.”

As for Harvey’s flub, Wurtzbach doesn’t blame the host. She admitted that the way the winner and runner-up were written on the card “was a little bit confusing” and that “people make mistakes.” Wurtzbach said she would like to see Harvey return for the 2016 pageant. Watch Wurtzbach’s first official interview as Miss Universe below.


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