Mirror Reporter Has Yet To Produce Tapes Of Kristen Stewart’s Mom Jules Calling Alicia Cargile Her Daughter’s “Girlfriend”

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Kristen Stewart Mom Jules Tapes Alicia Cargile

By Michael Lewittes |

Kristen Stewart Mom Jules Tapes Alicia Cargile

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Kristen Stewart’s mom Jules Stewart denied ever telling Mirror reporter Sharon Feinstein that Alicia Cargile is her daughter’s “girlfriend,” but the journalist swears up and down that she has “tapes” to prove the quotes weren’t fabricated. Well, nearly 24 hours have gone by since Feinstein promised to produce the “tapes,” and nothing has materialized. Gossip Cop has reached out to Feinstein to allow her to defend herself, and she hasn’t responded. Additionally, Gossip Cop contacted the Mirror to see if the paper stood by its story, and it, too, wouldn’t comment.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Feinstein and the Mirror quoted Jules Stewart as saying that she’s “met Kristen’s new girlfriend, I like her.” The tabloid’s piece by Feinstein also had Jules Stewart allegedly saying, “What’s not to be accepting about her now having a girlfriend?” and “I accept my daughter loves women and men.”

While other outlets rushed to publish the report, Gossip Cop took its time to check with its sources and investigate whether Jules Stewart actually made those comments. On Monday, we learned she spoke to Feinstein, but she never discussed the actress having a “girlfriend.” Jules Stewart spoke in general (and separate) terms about LBGT rights and expressed that Cargile is a “lovely girl.” The actress’ mom maintains she never talked about Kristen Stewart’s personal love life.

Feinstein claims she has “tapes” and that every quote included in her called-into-question article is “on tape.” The reporter declared on Twitter, “I will be uploading the tapes to fly the flag for journalists and their integrity everywhere and stop this ubiquitous hatred and denigration of them and endless taking them to task.” Not long after, however, she alleged she was having problems uploading the tapes and needed “serious technical help.”

That was nearly a full day ago, and still there are no tapes and certainly no mentions about them being uploaded anymore. As noted earlier, Feinstein has not responded to Gossip Cop’s request to defend herself nor has the Mirror. Mind you, Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted the Mirror for made-up stories about Stewart, including one a few months ago that alleged she was engaged and wearing an “engagement” ring. Much like its current story, the tabloid had nothing to back up its false claim.

As journalists, Gossip Cop is also interested in verifying the existence of the tapes, and invites Feinstein to share them with us. Until then, what do you think about Feinstein not producing these supposed tapes and the Mirror not commenting on allegations that she manufactured Jules Stewart’s quotes?

Editor’s Note: Interestingly, 15 minutes after Gossip Cop published this story, Feinstein tweeted that she was not going to release the tapes, claiming, “I am afraid that is not only my decision as there is a publisher involved.”


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