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Miranda Lambert and Anderson East's wedding is "off," according to a report from the tabloids. But the truth is the couple never really had a wedding in the works in the first place. Gossip Cop can explain how this made-up story came about.

In September, In Touch claimed Lambert and Blake Shelton were in a "race" to get married. It was specifically alleged she wanted to "beat" her ex-husband to the altar, and a so-called "insider" was quoted as saying of Lambert and East, "They are pushing to run away and elope by year's end. They'll make time during the holidays to elope and have a honeymoon." Gossip Cop exposed the story as manufactured, and now, less than two months later, the tabloid is trying to backtrack to cover up its misinformation.

Instead of marrying, contends the gossip magazine, Lambert and East now want to "slow things down." A purported "insider," perhaps the same ill-informed (or nonexistent) one as before, claims, "At one point, Miranda was even discussing wedding dresses and menu options. [But] the wedding is off." The outlet alleges, "Because of their exhausting schedules, they've now tabled the plans indefinitely." Contends the supposed source, "They haven't spent a lot of time together and don't really have time for each other right now."

"As it stands, Miranda and Anderson are pulling back a little, even though they still love each other," continues the publication's specious snitch, who adds, "She's dedicated to Anderson, but wants to be absolutely sure before they start wedding planning." And, in a complete contradiction from the previous story, the magazine maintains Lambert is "wary of rushing into a second marriage," in part because the "scars" from her divorce "still haven't healed."

But Lambert and East never had real plans to wed, and this article is just the tabloid's attempt at covering up its prior report, an excuse for why the couple isn't actually marrying. It's new lies piled on top of old lies. And the couple hasn't exactly slowed down their relationship, either. While they may not be rushing down the aisle, they're still moving forward with their romance. The couple attended the CMAs together last week, and East posted a birthday tribute to Lambert on Instagram, calling her "my love" and gushing, "Thankful for you everyday."

In Touch is acting like it's a sudden development that they're moving at their own pace when that was always the case, contrary to what the outlet wanted readers to believe. And, disappointingly, these new contentions have already been picked up online, with OK! blaring on its website, "Miranda Lambert Calls Off Wedding While Ex Blake Shelton Gets Sexiest Man Alive Honor." Naturally, the publication didn't bother to fact-check before regurgitating the untrue claims.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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