Miranda Lambert NOT Having “Wedding & A Baby” With Evan Felker, Despite Report

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Miranda Lambert Pregnant Bride

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Miranda Lambert Pregnant Bride

(Life and Style)

Miranda Lambert is not having a “wedding & a baby” with Evan Felker, despite an embarrassingly wrong report. This untrue cover story comes from the same tabloid that ran a similarly wrong narrative tied to Anderson East nearly two years ago. Gossip Cop can bust these latest falsehoods, just as we did those.

The new cover of Life & Style announces Lambert and Gwen Stefani are both “pregnant brides,” much like the magazine did on a cover in 2016 (see below). Inside the issue, the outlet contends, “With her boyfriend’s divorce finalized, Miranda Lambert rushes to the altar — and preps to be a mom.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “It’s been a whirlwind relationship, but Miranda’s never been happier with a man than she is with Evan.”

After the untraceable source asserts Lambert and Felker have been “basically living like husband and wife,” the publication alleges they are “ready to make that arrangement official — [and] fast!” Claims the purported tipster, “Now that Evan’s finally divorced, he and Miranda are rushing to plan a wedding. They’re attempting to fast-track a ceremony and celebration and hope to get married as soon as Christmas or New Year’s Eve.”

And what about a pregnancy? “They’ve been trying to have a baby together for the past few months,” alleges the supposed snitch, who further maintains, “Miranda’s told friends that she would love nothing more than to walk down the aisle pregnant.” The tabloid fills out the rest of the article with “‘I do’ details,” contending Lambert and Felker will wed at her farm outside Nashville. The questionable “insider” insists, “She can’t wait to marry him and start a family.”

Actually, Lambert can wait, and has no intention of doing either with the musician. Only days ago, it was revealed Lambert and Felker have split, with the country superstar calling herself “happily single” in an interview. People has subsequently reported that Lambert ended things because Felker “broke her rules,” and “did something that he knew she wasn’t going to approve of.” If Life & Style really had an “insider,” as alleged, it should’ve known that the performers aren’t even together any more, let alone planning to marry and have a child together.

Of course, the tabloid was also wrong when it peddled a similar cover story about Lambert and Eastwood nearly two years ago. That piece was headlined, “Wedding & A Baby For Miranda,” while this new one is titled, “Miranda: Wedding & A Baby.” The magazine apparently thinks readers won’t realize that it is recycling storylines, but Gossip Cop keeps track of everything.

Conclusion: The outlet claims Lambert is planning to marry Felker by the end of the year and have his baby, but according to the singer herself, she is “happily single.” This proves the article is completely off-base, which isn’t surprising given that the publication was also mistaken with this same topic in the past.

(Life and Style in 2016 and 2018)

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Miranda Lambert is having a wedding and a baby with Evan Felker.


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