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Miranda Lambert has not split from Anderson East, despite a speculative report. A certain website is trying to twist a recent interview the country superstar gave to Redbook as evidence of a breakup. But Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

"Did Miranda Lambert Split From Anderson East? Says She Cut 'Men' Out Of Her Life," reads the headline from HollywoodLife. In its accompanying story, the outlet further writes, "Is Miranda Lambert going through yet another rough breakup? The country music songstress had a nasty divorce from ex Blake Shelton and, based on a recent interview, she might be recovering from a split from beau Anderson East just one month after celebrating their 2nd anniversary."

After alleging her "priorities... don't include men the moment," the site quotes Lambert telling Redbook, "Music and mutts — pretty much all I live for are those two things. Men used to be on that list, but I cut that one out. Just kidding! It was the three M's, and now it's two. No, it is three: The last one is Miranda."

The blog then asserts, "Wait a minute, 'used to be'? Did Miranda — who divorced fellow country star Blake Shelton, 41, in 2015 — break up with her longtime beau Anderson East, 29? It sounds like that's what's up." HollywoodLies, as its nicknamed, concludes its article by asking readers, "What do you think of Miranda and Anderson's relationship? Did they actually break up?"

But real news outlets don't look to its readers for answers. They're expected to investigate and then provide them. Instead of fact-checking to find out if these breakup concerns are accurate, HollywoodLies chose to spread what amounts to a conspiracy theory. It's partially driven by the timing: This Redbook cover story was published after Lambert and East celebrated their second anniversary. So, if she's saying after that milestone that she "cut out" men, she and East must've split, right? Actually, it's wrong.

The interview was conducted long before the couple's September anniversary, because magazines need months for publishing and distributing. Though the interview was only released last week, it has nothing to do with her current relationship status. Nor was the remark in question intended to be a comment about her romance with East. And Lambert even said she was "kidding" about cutting men out of her life.

Additionally, just a few days ago, the country singer proudly promoted her boyfriend's appearance on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show." In fact, Lambert shot down HollywoodLies' story when she posted a photo of East on Instagram, along with a note that read, "My Bama boy on @theellenshow" with a heart emoji. So, why did HollywoodLife take that one quotation seriously, as if it were some kind of announcement?

Simply, the website is often far more interested in clickbait and sensational rumors than it is in the (boring) truth. Remember, this is all coming from the very same outlet that wrongly claimed nearly a year ago that Lambert and East had split. That was followed up the next day by a piece titled, "Miranda Lambert & Anderson East Split: Last Minute Wedding Change Made Him Leave." But not content to be wrong two days in a row, the often discredited site ran a third story with the headline, "Miranda Lambert & Andrerson East Split?: Blake Shelton Doesn't Miss Her 'Drama.'"

Of course, just about a year later, all three of those stories were proven with time to be wrong. But undeterred, HollywoodLies is at the same, claiming Lmbert and East have split up. However, for the time being, Gossip Cop is told by a Lambert source, who did not wish to be identified, that the couple is still together.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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