Miranda Lambert “Shading” Blake Shelton With Anderson East Shirt?

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By Shari Weiss |

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Was Miranda Lambert “throwing shade” at Blake Shelton when she wore a t-shirt with boyfriend Anderson East’s name on it? That’s what a certain drama-causing webloid is wondering. Gossip Cop, however, can tear part this nonsense.

“Miranda Lambert Rocks T-Shirt With BF’s Name On Stage — Throwing Shade At Blake?” asks HollywoodLife, which writes in the accompanying story, “Talk about making a statement! Miranda Lambert declared her love for BF Anderson East by sporting a shirt that had his name on it during her Aug. 5 concert — and it totally seemed to be shade to Blake Shelton.”

The site explains that while Lambert “worked the stage” last Friday in Irvine, Calif., “she wore a black t-shirt with two simple words on it: Anderson East, aka her singer-songwriter boyfriend of nearly eight months. While Miranda seemingly didn’t say anything about her telling tee, it was hardly necessary for her to give any explanation for wearing it for all of her fans to see. Frankly, the white text was nice and bold, and there was even an exclamation point after Anderson’s last name!”

“Miranda paired the Anderson shirt with a pair of cutoff jean shorts, fishnet stockings, a sparkly rodeo belt, and a pair of cowboy boots, making for one sexy outfit,” notes the webloid. So, what does any of this have to do with Shelton? Well, according to the outlet, Lambert was trying to tell her ex-husband, “This is what you’re missing!”

Last Gossip Cop checked, though, this isn’t middle school. Lambert has no need to send a message to Shelton through her shirt or anything else. What HollywoodLies calls her “supposed Blake shade” is nothing more than a sign of affection for her boyfriend. Similarly, if Shelton wore a shirt reading “Gwen Stefani,” it would have nothing to do with dissing Lambert.

And HollywoodLife isn’t even sure Lambert was truly “throwing shade,” as at one point the blog writes “whether she intended the shirt as a diss or not,” and even asks readers at the end, “Do you think Miranda was shading Blake by wearing her Anderson East shirt on stage?” In other words, the sensational site just wanted to throw the possibility out there to create scandal where there is none.

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