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Miranda Lambert Meeting Blake Shelton

(In Touch)

A tabloid cover story claiming Miranda Lambert wants to have a "secret meeting" with Blake Shelton was made up. Gossip Cop has confirmed there's no one legitimately close to the songstress talking about her personal life.

On the cover of its new issue, In Touch asserts, "Two years after their divorce, Miranda needs to make peace with their painful past in order to move on. Now she's finally ready to go face-to-face." In the actual story, a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "It's obvious Miranda's still affected by what happened with Blake. And the only way she will fully get over it is if she confronts him face-to-face." Actually, it's not "obvious" at all. As Lambert repeatedly gushes publicly about boyfriend Anderson East, there's no apparent indication that she's still struggling over her split from Shelton.

But the gossip magazine nevertheless contends Lambert "wants a sit-down with her ex." Claims the supposed source, "It's been a long time coming, but enough time has passed. It's been over two years since they've actually sat down and talked. It might be uncomfortable, [but] it needs to be done. They need to talk. It's time." The outlet's alleged tipster further maintains, "She still feels that she was blindsided by the divorce, and she needs closure. There's still a lot of unfinished business between her and Blake... She says she needs to look straight into Blake's eyes, ask certain questions and get answers."

Unsurprisingly, the publication speculates the meeting "could be explosive," with the "insider" predicting it "could get very heated." "But she also feels that they've both grown so much since their divorce that meeting up is essential for them to have healthy relationships in the future," alleges the purported tipster, who adds, "Who knows, maybe this meeting with Blake will have them walk away as friends. Either way, they'll definitely be in a better place." Yet the tabloid never says when this conversation is supposedly going to take place, or even whether Shelton is on board with it.

In addition, these contentions completely contradict last week's cover story from sister outlet Life & Style, which alleged Lambert wanted to get "revenge" on Shelton. That article alleged she was determined to "get even" with him, and even planned to attack Gwen Stefani through her music. But in this new cover story, the In Touch "insider" maintains Lambert has "nothing bad to say about Gwen." So, which outlet is telling the truth? Neither, really. Both cover stories are entirely inauthentic, Gossip Cop has been told. Those close to Lambert are not discussing her private life with the tabloids, we're assured.

And these gossip magazines have very little credibility on the matter. More than a year ago, In Touch similarly ran a made-up cover story about Lambert and Stefani having a "face-to-face showdown." Many of the assertions in that article, such as the country star having "unanswered questions" and a "source" predicting the meeting would be "explosive," have been repurposed here for this piece about meeting with Shelton. And more than two years ago, the tabloid falsely maintained Lambert was pregnant right after their divorce. Of course, the Stefani "showdown" never happened, a baby was never born, and there's no reason to believe Lambert is now plotting a "secret meeting" with Shelton.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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