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A story about Miranda Lambert being "scarred for life" by Blake Shelton is sensationally made-up. No one genuinely connected to the country songstress would dare share something so personal with the gossip media, Gossip Cop is told. Furthermore, this is coming from a tabloid known for publishing provably false articles about Lambert in the past.

The new report in question is featured on the Life & Style website, where the gossip magazine contends, "It's been more than two years since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert called it quits on their four-year marriage, but the 'Tin Man' songstress is still reeling over their split." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "The cold-blooded way Blake blindsided her with divorce, drove her out of his life, and then shoved his romance with Gwen [Stefani] in her face is something that will scar her forever. It still burns her."

The outlet goes on to cite songs on Lambert's 2016 album, The Weight Of These Wings, as evidence that "Blake broke her heart," and asserts that now she's "ready to dish on her ex even more." A purported "source" maintains she'll be writing music about how "Blake didn't work at the marriage like she wanted him to" and how "he became distant." If any of this sounds familiar, it's because the publication has made similar claims in the past, including two weeks ago with a cover story alleging Lambert was at "war" with Shelton, as well as an issue in August that insisted she was getting "revenge" on him through her music.

In all of these cases, the tabloid has wanted readers to believe someone in Lambert's inner circle is sharing her intimate thoughts, even though she herself has never publicly spoken at length about the divorce. In fact, aside from Lambert telling Billboard earlier this year that the song "Vice" was composed the day the divorce news broke, she made clear she has no intention of speaking about the split in interviews. "If you want to hear my side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it's all on [the album]. There's no mystery anymore," she stated.

So why, then, would Lambert have someone in her camp speak with the media about the subject? Or why would someone betray her by leaking their confidential conversations? And here's another question: Why should anyone believe what Life & Style writes given that it twice said last year that Lambert was pregnant? Heck, this same magazine said she was expecting in 2013.

Again and again over the years, the outlet has been flat-out wrong on major facts, and is clearly merely guessing when it comes to others. As is the case with many divorces, Lambert may carry pain from her breakup with Shelton for the rest of her life. She could, like many songwriters, continue to use the split as musical inspiration.

Additionally, Lambert recently celebrated her two-year anniversary with Anderson East. She clearly isn't so "scarred" that she couldn't find love again. Gossip Cop is told this article is just made-up, and, out of respect for Lambert's privacy, no further information was disclosed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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