Miranda Lambert Revenge Blake Shelton

(Life and Style)

Miranda Lambert is not trying to get "revenge" on Blake Shelton, contrary to a tabloid cover story sensationally pitting the exes against each other. Gossip Cop has confirmed the report is made up.

"Finally... Miranda Gets Even With Blake," blares the new cover of Life & Style, which further teases, "Powerful Divorce Secrets Revealed." The front of the edition also claims, "The fed-up star is spilling new details about life with her ex, their bitter breakup and his new romance." That isn't true. Lambert isn't "spilling" anything, but the tabloid is trying to deceptively entice readers to buy the issue. And the headline inside the edition is just as misleading, exclaiming, "Spilling Their Marriage & Divorce Secrets: Miranda Finally Gets Revenge On Blake."

But the first chunk of this story is based on Lambert's recent Billboard interview, in which she vaguely said her last album, The Weight Of These Wings, was partly inspired by their breakup. She did not mention anything specific about Shelton, and did not directly comment on their marriage and divorce except to say she wrote the song "Vice" the day the news broke, and anything she has to say about the split can be heard on the record. Those quotes came out nearly a month ago, and the gossip magazine is now trying to not only pass them off as new, major revelations, but also make it seem like she said them to Life & Style. Billboard is never once give attribution or credit.

That is then used as a springboard to claim Lambert plans to continue her supposed "revenge" through new music that will "spill more secrets." "You can rest assured that she's not through writing about Blake," a so-called "friend" is quoted as saying. "And if Blake's reputation takes a beating along the way, [so be it]." According to this supposed pal, the songstress' new songs will "cover how the marriage was great at first but quickly deteriorated." And from there, the article dives into the reasons this "friend" claims the relationship didn't work, with the alleged source also going on to speculate to the outlet, "I'm sure there will be upcoming songs inspired by Gwen [Stefani]."

"She's getting even with Blake for all the pain and heartbreak in the best way she knows how: with her music," contends the purported tipster, who adds, "Her union and split will be fodder for her songwriting for years to come." Well, that's certainly what the publication is hoping, as it has used the divorce for "fodder" for the last two years, and the marriage for even longer. But when it claims Lambert "confesses the devastating truth about their relationship," that's an outright lie.

Lambert's music has been fueled by her own emotions and will continue to be, just as it is for most artists. These bold proclamations about "divorce secrets revealed" and "spilling their marriage and divorce secrets" are significant exaggerations. This story also misrepresents her motives and intentions. The Grammy winner wants to get her feelings out and make great music. It's as simple as that. It has nothing to do with "getting even" with Shelton.

In addition, this isn't the first time Life & Style has done a "revenge" cover story about the former spouses. More than a year ago, the tabloid falsely announced, "Miranda Strikes Back At Blake: Revenge At Last!" It was said then, "One year after he blindsided her with divorce papers, she gets even." Sound familiar? The only difference is that in that article, it was wrongly claimed Lambert was pregnant, and absurdly alleged that starting a family would be the "ultimate revenge at last."

A rep exclusively told Gossip Cop that she wasn't expecting, nor was she with child last October when the magazine deemed Lambert a "pregnant bride." But now readers are supposed to believe there's a "friend" dishing to the outlet about her future plans? Please. We're assured that is not, and would never be, the case. This new cover story was manufactured through out-of-context quotes, guesses and assumptions, and flat-out made-up details. Don't fall for it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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