Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton “Reunion” Claim FALSE

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Miranda Lambert Reunion Blake Shelton

By Shari Weiss |

Miranda Lambert Reunion Blake Shelton

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Miranda Lambert is not “hoping for a Blake Shelton reunion,” nor is Gwen Stefani “infuriated,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claims.

“Miranda Lambert Wants Blake Shelton Reunion, Emotional Mess On Stage: Gwen Stefani Infuriated?” reads the headline of a story from Celeb Dirty Laundry, which writes, “Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s divorce is still making headlines for the ex-couple, even though they’ve been separated for well over a year now. In fact, there’s even new speculation that Miranda Lambert is hoping for a Blake Shelton reunion, while infuriating Gwen Stefani with her recent on stage breakdown.”

Of course, it’s the site itself putting forth the speculation, which is entirely based only on Lambert recently becoming emotional on stage while performing a song she had co-written with Shelton. According to the webloid, that’s proof Lambert “clearly hasn’t gotten over her ex-husband” and was “sending a poignant message” to him. The piece goes on, “Miranda Lambert’s marriage is still on her mind and, apparently, she’s not willing to let go of the memories she still holds near and dear of Blake Shelton. And while the two have supposedly moved on with new partners, Miranda Lambert’s tears are most definitely getting under the skin of Blake Shelton’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani.”

Naturally, CDL has nothing to back up that Stefani claim, either. In fact, the outlet even notes, “So far Gwen Stefani has not responded to Miranda Lambert’s performance, but there’s no doubt that she will have something to say to Blake Shelton, even if it’s behind closed doors.” And as further proof of its cluelessness, the site ends its piece by asking readers, ” Is Miranda Lambert hoping for a Blake Shelton reunion? Does Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s marriage have a chance for a revival? How does Gwen Stefani feel in all of this?”

Allow Gossip Cop to answer what the webloid obviously can’t: Lambert is NOT “hoping for a Blake Shelton reunion.” She is still dating Anderson East. No, Shelton and Lambert’s marriage does NOT “have a chance for a revival.” And Stefani is feeling just fine. She’s spent years singing about her relationships with Tony Kanal and Gavin Rossdale, and more than understands when performances can lead to emotional moments.

CDL simply chose to run empty speculation to be sensational, and it’s not the first time. In March, the outlet wrongly claimed Shelton was feeling “smothered” by Stefani on “The Voice.” Now it’s a few months later, and the two appear to be closer than ever.

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