Miranda Lambert NOT Doing Reality Show About Her Life, Despite Claim

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Miranda Lambert Reality Show

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Miranda Lambert Reality Show

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Miranda Lambert is not doing a reality show about her life, nor has she ever contemplated it, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this tabloid claim, which is flimsily based on an anonymous source and lacks any specifics. Conversely, Lambert’s rep, who’s in a position to know, tells us the entire tale is a “lie.”

According to Star, Lambert is “ready to lift the lid off her past and present on her own reality TV show.” The magazine then speculates that as soon as the purported series airs, her ex-husband Blake Shelton will have a “bone” to pick with her, as will past boyfriends Evan Felker and Anderson East. In an attempt to make its narrative appear legitimate, the tabloid contends a “friend” of Lambert’s tells the outlet, “Miranda is the first to admit she has her faults, but she’d like people to watch her show and make up their own minds about her.”

The publication then explains why the series show would be a success. Its unnamed and untraceable source blathers, “Miranda’s fans know she’s a bit of a bad girl, but that’s what they love about her.” “People can relate to her songs about smoking and drinking and carousing,” asserts a supposed Lambert “pal,” who adds, “Putting her on TV is a no-brainer.”

The tabloid’s ill-informed or possibly manufactured source further maintains, “There won’t be anything off-limits, so Blake probably isn’t happy about this.” “If her show is picked up,” concludes the questionable tipster, “there’ll be a whole lot of people quaking in their boots about what she might say and do.”

Glaringly, the magazine offers no details about the proposed program, such as which networks or cable channels are being pitched. It just broadly teases that Shelton and other men in her past will be “quaking in their boots” should it ever air. Of course, the reason why there are no specifics about the alleged series is because Lambert has never expressed an interest whatsoever in doing a reality show. It’s all made-up. And worse, Star knew it was untrue and yet still published its phony article.

In fact, Lambert’s rep, Marcel Pariseau, told the publication it was a “lie,” and they purposely didn’t run his denial, which any other respectable magazine would have done as a matter of journalistic fairness. Gossip Cop was furnished with the same statement the tabloid received, and the comment from the country singer’s spokesman read, “There is, and never has been, any interest in Miranda doing or participating in a reality TV show about her life or her music.” Pariseau went on to point out, “If there is one thing you need to know about Miranda, is this hypothetical story you are plotting would be the last thing on this Earth she would ever consider doing. Quite simply this is a lie!”

Lastly, Gossip Cop spent an inordinate amount of time asking a variety of Lambert sources whether she’s ever talked about doing a reality series and not one could confirm the tabloid’s premise. For that reason and the various ones noted above, we’re giving the magazine’s story a zero out of 10 on our fact-or-fiction meter. We’re fully confident that if you look at any TV guide you’ll find the Lambert reality show airing in a week from… never.


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