Miranda Lambert, Anderson East Did NOT Split, Despite Reports

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Miranda Lambert Not Split Anderson east

By Shari Weiss |

Miranda Lambert Not Split Anderson east

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Miranda Lambert and Anderson East did NOT split up, despite untrue reports. Gossip Cop can once again set the record straight on these stories, which are 100 percent wrong.

On Wednesday, Star published its new cover story falsely claiming Lambert was “dumped” by East. Gossip Cop exclusively debunked it, with our impeccable contact revealing that the couple is still together, and the entire article was “fabricated.” So, what does HollywoodLife do?

The site, which trades in fake news, decided on Thursday to help spread the lies. “Miranda Lambert & Anderson East Split: Last Minute Wedding Change Made Him Leave,” reads the headline. The accompanying post says, “Miranda Lambert, 33, has been dumped by Anderson East, 28, and one of the reasons is because she flip-flopped on their wedding plans.”

A source from the original Star article is quoted as saying, “Miranda unwittingly sabotaged any last chance of keeping their romance alive. When she put their earlier, tentative wedding plans on hold in November, telling Anderson she was too busy traveling and promoting her new album… I believe that gave him the time to think everything over — and he realized it was probably time to bail.”

But as Gossip Cop has correctly reported multiple times, Lambert and East never had any plans to wed this year. That was entirely made up by the tabloids. And now these breakup allegations have been made up, too. Shame on HollywoodLies for regurgitating the misinformation, particularly after it was already busted.

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Miranda Lambert and Anderson East have split.


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