Miranda Lambert Did NOT Reveal “Day Marriage Ended” With Blake Shelton

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Miranda Lambert Marriage Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Miranda Lambert Marriage Interview

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Miranda Lambert did NOT reveal “the day my married ended,” despite a misleading report about her divorce from Blake Shelton. Gossip Cop can expose the truth.

On the front of the new In Touch, it’s teased, “Miranda Speaks: The Day My Marriage Exploded.” Similarly, inside the issue, a headline announces, “Miranda: The Day My Marriage Ended.” It’s said, “A year and a half after Blake Shelton abruptly filed for divorce, Miranda Lambert is finally opening up.”

This is all a lie. Lambert has not spoken out. She did not open up. She did not reveal anything about the “day my marriage ended” or the “day my marriage exploded.” In Touch is trying to trick readers, because its story is actually about what the gossip magazine’s supposed sources CLAIM happened between Lambert and Shelton.

“Miranda is finally starting to tell friends the heartbreaking details about the day her marriage ended,” writes the outlet, which is obviously not what it wanted readers to think with that “Miranda Speaks” cover tease. The article goes on to detail the day Shelton allegedly told Lambert he wanted a divorce.

The story asserts Lambert accused him of choosing “Hollywood and his TV audience over her,” while he in turn accused her of cheating. And while she supposedly thought the tension would “blow over,” Shelton “blindsided” her by actually filing for divorce. There’s some pretty juicy claims. But they’re probably made up.

While a rep for Lambert declined to comment, Gossip Cop spoke with another one of our contacts, who called the tabloid’s deceptively-packaged tale “stupid.” Well, the tabloid does have a history of stupidity. In fact, Lambert and Shelton actually mocked In Touch after the dubious publication claimed she was pregnant with his baby after they announced their split.

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