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Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, a tabloid falsely claimed Miranda Lambert was turning to booze amid her supposed problems with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. Gossip Cop investigated the narrative when it came out and found it to be false. Since the couple is still going strong, it’s evident the outlet was way off base with its allegation.

One year ago, In Touch alleged Miranda Lambert and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, were "living separate lives". A supposed source told the outlet "She was blinded by love when they met and rushed into marriage without truly getting to know him," adding the pair’s wildly different lifestyles in New York and Nashville took a “toll” on the relationship.

"The honeymoon period is over. When she's down, she'll go to a bar alone to drown her sorrows,” the so-called insider source continued. The phony insider maintained McLoughlin's friends and family "resented” Miranda for turning his life upside down. The alleged source further contended, "They feel like she has taken over his life and caused so much drama. She's very controlling.”

The bogus insider went on to say that Lambert didn’t trust her husband but didn’t want to “scare him off by stopping him from seeing his pals or asking to be invited to boys' nights out." This, the sketchy insider stated, led the singer to go out by herself and drink alone. "Miranda loves Brendan, but there are times when she asks herself whether she made the right decision," the unnamed source asserted, ending the story by stating something had to change or the couple “wasn’t going to make it.”

We’re not sure why the tabloids like to pick at Lambert’s personal life with these inaccurate and bogus stories, but Gossip Cop didn’t hesitate to bust this phony tale. At the time, we checked in with a source close to Lambert who called the story, “flat-out stupid” and that the singer and her husband were very happy together. And the same can be said a year later. Though the country star has been private about her marriage, Lambert has shared plenty of adorable photos on her social media page of the two. Also, this isn’t the only story we’ve corrected about Lambert and her marriage.

Almost four months ago, we busted In Touch's sister publication, the National Enquirer, for incorrectly claiming Miranda Lambert was having a "revenge baby" to get back at Blake Shelton. Shelton and Lambert were married for four years and divorced in 2015, but the paper maintained Lambert was pregnant with her first child and it was an act of sweet revenge against Shelton. However, this isn’t a Lifetime movie. The idea Lambert would purposefully get pregnant to spite her ex-husband is utterly absurd. Our suspicions were corrected after we reached out to a trusted source close to the situation who confirmed the narrative was fabricated.

Last summer, we busted the unreliable paper again for alleging Lambert was trying to save her marriage with a baby. After insulting the country star by stating she looked bloated and that her marriage was on “shaky ground” the tabloid claimed the singer hoped to save her relationship by having a child. The entire article was demeaning and untruthful. Lambert and McLoughlin were not experiencing any marital problems and the singer was never pregnant.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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