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Miranda Lambert is not "jealous" of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's PCAs date, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct a made-up claim about how Lambert now "misses" her ex-husband after seeing him with Stefani at the People's Choice Awards. The truth is Lambert has longed moved on, and this is hardly the first awards show Stefani and Shelton have attended with one another, so there's no reason the country singer would get "emotional" over that or whenever else the couple of three years spends time together.

But HollywoodLife likes to manufacture stories tied to events. And in this case, the blog often referred to as HollywoodLies concocted a phony angle about how Stefani's attendance with Shelton at the People's Choice Awards made his ex-wife "emotional." To lend credence, where none exists, the outlet alleges it has a "source close" to Lambert who supposedly shared with the frequently disproven site that she was "jealous seeing Gwen at an awards show with Blake." The same anonymous, untraceable and seemingly fictitious "source" adds the sight of them at the PCAs "flooded" Lambert with "regret" over her ex and left her "envious of Gwen."

Here's what really happened: As widely reported, Stefani kissed Shelton at the PCAs after he won Country Star of the Year. From there, the creative writers at HollywoodLies seemingly came up with its bogus narrative. Shelton and Stefani's presence together at the awards show, however, had absolutely no impact on Lambert.

Since his split with Lambert, Shelton and the No Doubt singer have attended many award shows together and none of them have spontaneously triggered "regret" or her being "jealous" of Stefani. For instance, Shelton and Stefani appeared lovey dovey at the Academy Of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas this past April, and there was no reaction from Lambert, even though she was in attendance as well. Additionally, Stefani and Shelton looked in love at last year's PCAs, and yet it didn't elicit a response from his ex-wife. Lambert's purported reaction this year was simply manufactured, like so many of HollywoodLies' previous articles about those three individuals.

Two years ago, for example, the outlet swore up and down it had Lambert's reaction to Shelton and Stefani's "secret wedding." Taking a fabricated OK! cover story that wrongly maintained the couple had gotten married, HollywoodLies added another layer of fiction when it made up an article in which it alleged a Lambert "insider" told the site the Pistols Annies singer "took the high road and wished them well... congratulating her ex and his new bride!" Of course, Shelton and Stefani never got married.

HollywoodLies is also the site that falsely reported Lambert got engaged to Anderson East. The outlet quoted a supposed source close to her contending, "Miranda says she's finally over Blake." That story was inaccurate, as well, since Lambert and East were never engaged.

Or how about the tall tale HollywoodLies created about how Lambert was joining "American Idol" to hurt Shelton, who's a coach on "The Voice"? In that untrue article, the site claimed its Lambert "source" asserted she wanted to do "American Idol" since it would be a "total diss" to Stefani and Shelton, who fell in love on "The Voice." Lambert's rep told Gossip Cop in no uncertain terms that the story was a "complete fantasy made up" by HollywoodLife.

The same can be said of the latest piece about Lambert suddenly becoming "jealous" of her ex-husband and his longtime girlfriend at Sunday's PCAs. It's just another made-up story by the serial fibbers at HollywoodLies. What's equally bad is that the claim was picked up without any fact-checking by the similarly unreliable blog Celebrity Insider. But not matter how often a lie is repeated, it's still a lie.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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